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New to the game, find me a class!

fivetigersfivetigers Member UncommonPosts: 208

Here's what I'm looking for in order of importance:

1.  First and foremost a melee class.

2.  Ranged attack/skills.  I love being able to pull with a bow (or i suppose thrown or magic would do the trick too) and finish off with a sword.

3.  Some way to heal myself.

4.  A pet/minion would be nice, but is not entirely necessary.


Also, does race really make that big of a difference in terms of class effectiveness, or does race more just affect how your character looks?


Thanks for any input and suggestions.






  • ZecktorinZecktorin Member Posts: 231

    Could always try paladin, monk, warrior, druid even matches this.

    All these classes can do what you say except for pet and the ehaling they do is to different degrees, but all good for soloing.

    Edit: forgot deathknight, but thats the tank spec that heals. they can get a pet with undead spec.

    Races arent really important just pick what looks kool to you.

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