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Is PvP coming back?

ShadoedShadoed Member UncommonPosts: 1,459

With the advent of patch 5.1 (whenever it lands), is this the clear return of open world PvP to WoW?

I have seen an increase in Horde vs Alliance tensions with the Pandaria release already as when on PvE servers you could quite happily ride around with your PvP on and be ignored entirely unless you entered a Horde town, but with the two factions having to quest so close together now that is no longer the case. With 5.1 they will be thrown into direct conflict with each other along the Krasarang coastline with;

- New Daily quests along the shoreline

- Two faction strongholds set up

- Need to defend your own hold and assault the enemy

- Killing enemy players and NPC's will earn you 'Commission' with your faction

- Capturable strategic objectives which need to be held, guards can even be hired with your commission

Some of these ideas have been tried in the past with Venture Bay for example which did promote PvP a little but it died out pretty quickly, so how are you feeling about it?

It must be Thursday, i never could get the hang of Thursdays.


  • GreyhooffGreyhooff Member Posts: 654

    WoW pvp is a messy, unbalanced joke. This is coming from a multiple season gladiator.

    Sorry, if you want to do pvp, play League of Legends or GW2. If you are a solo PVPer, play Starcraft. WoW PVP is abysmal.


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