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Are there any particular areas with more RP?

ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28

Does anyone know if there are particular areas of STO that have more RPing going on?  If I try to talk in Earth Spacedock, for example, nobody answers, and I'm finding it all a lot like a single-player game except that I sometimes need to yell for other, still faceless players to help me out.  I've seen the occasional really brilliant character description, though, so I can't believe that's as far as the RPing goes.

I've seen allusions to RP havens in - I think - Deep Space Something on STO's own forum, but I can't post anything there until I've bought something.  Which will take a while, because STO confuses me so much that I daren't give them card details because I'll spend money by mistake, so I'm having to wait until I've scraped together enough Dilithium to buy something I actually want.  Incidentally, any tips for getting more Cryptic Points for less Dilithium (again, I'm sure I've seen some), or do you just have to wait on random fluctuations in the exchange rate?

Thanks very much!

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  • wrkeechwrkeech Member UncommonPosts: 116

    While I am not familiar with any particular RP locations in game, I can tell you that there is a strong RP community in place. I suggest you look at the various RP centric chat channels in game. Two that come to mind are the "STORP" channel and the "Distress Call" channel.

    And as far as the "random fluctuations" in the exchange you are referring to. They aren't as random as you think they are. Right now (pre seson 6) the most sought after ships in the game are aquired by using Cryptic points. Hence its higher value. Also, if you have been watching the Dilithium Exchange over the past few months, you will notice that the "fluctuations" always coincide with Cryptic Store releases. DOFF packs, new ships, etc.

    As I stated before, the most sought after ships are now purchased using Cryptic Points, but thats about to change. The new "fleet variants" will require Dilithium to purchase, so don't be surprised to see its value increase dramatically over the next few months.

  • ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28

    I've come across those two.  "Distress Signal"'s a little bit specialised; the couple of "signals" I've sent before have been a simple matter of "help, more Orions than I can deal with here".  But I dare say I can think of something better than that if I try - heck, I play [i]Underlight[/i] all the time, this should be peanuts!  When I looked at "STORP" there was only a discussion of exactly how rubbish the third Gremlins film was, but I may have caught them on a bad day.  It's difficult to RP with people who aren't in the same bit of the game, though!  Unless of course you call it a radio band, like "Distress Signal".

    Thanks very much for the tips about Dilithium.  I'll keep an eye on the special offers and scheme accordingly!

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  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    Nice to hear RP does exist. I feel like I owe it to my star trek lover side of me to give this game a fair shake finally.

  • ULBlue13ULBlue13 Member UncommonPosts: 28

    Since my last posting I've found out that if you really want all the RP you can handle, the thing is to join a fleet. Not all of them, mind you - most of them are just people joining forces to blast things, which is fine if that's what you want - but there are plenty that do do RP. There's a window in the game where you can search by keywords for fleets that are currently recruiting - Roleplay is one of the keywords. Or just trawl through the fleet section of the STO forum like I did.

    I'm now in Firefly Fleet ( ), which is the result of an illicit affair between two different TV series. As well as a certain amount in-game, they also have several tall stories in progress on the fleet's forum. I recommend them to any RP fans, especially those with a sense of humour!

    If you write, be polite.
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