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Don't listen to rage noobs, not P2W

Hello everyone, I'm new here~

I'm quite surprised at the angst against this game in this website, as the game is going smoothly with minor problems, but new management took over.

Anyway the post how this game is P2W is just pure bias --meaning, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM/HER. There are a lot of players who just lazily play the game and could not do anything, but rage and rage, doing nothing; consequently they start raging on us bring the game's reputation down...

But, I'm just bashing the guy now haha, but anyway, remember DO NOT listen to people's opinion on the game, try it out yourself and you might find the game delightful.


Concerning about the "P2W"

As you already know, this game is F2P (Free to play) but in order to keep the game running, the dev have to make a "real money shop" that will aide players into their gameplay while keeping the balance intact.

For our shop, it is called NC shop (Netmarbles) and have several items that help players on the way --ofc if they have the money, and it is actually pretty cheap-- but the main thing about our NC-shop is that it mainly consists of "Modified" ships that require little lvls, HOWEVER, now that they updated the game --we can upgrade our ships through several rank-- the lvls require to run the ship have increased if they lvl it up of course, so now it's balanced.


Anyway that's about it, there is no EXP bag nor SKILL bag, you have to play the game right and if you don't you'll end up in the dump like the one that created the "hate" troll. He is a pirate and HE HAD THE CHANCE TO GET a modified ships since normal --non paying-- players are ABLE to buy those said ships from other --paying-- players if they worked hard enough.


Anyway I'm out, do not troll or else i'll troll you back.

I am UWO's shield and sword, I will defend her with my strength and I will attack anyone that dare threaten her!


  • RevofireRevofire Member UncommonPosts: 269
    If the game is addicting, I'll play.
    Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale

  • cronius77cronius77 Member UncommonPosts: 1,649
    and you guys felt the need to bring this in two threads to mmorpg.com? Doesnt this game have its own forums on its own offical site? I highly doubt hardly anyone here on this site hasnt tried this game yet and had any attention of playing it. Also keep your threats to yourself , just for using the word "troll" here can get you reported and banned here , so advice is stop coming here just looking to start inflamatory posts..
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