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Do people not understand how to read or comprehend other's ideas?

Do people not understand how to read or comprehend other's ideas?


In this forum particularly, you may create a thread and have people respond to it as if they not only didn't read what was written in the OP, but some even prove the OP's statements about people like themselves as true... without even realizing they're proving themselves an idiot.

Furthermore, it seems as though people read posts by others as they want to interpret them. It doesn't seem to matter what someone else is trying to say, or what someone else states they're saying. All that matters is the user's interpretation, as if they are so arrogant, THEY define what others mean, not the speaker themselves.


Reading comprehension seems to be at an all time low. Well, at least compared to what I wish it was at. Are people really this stupid? Lazy? Ignorance? Do they not have the ability to read? Are they so angry they WANT others to be wrong so they can yell at them? Are they so low in self-esteem they WANT others to be wrong so they can feel good explaining why the person is wrong, patting themselves on the back that they're right?


Please...try to help me come to terms with the failed reading comprehension of the typical internet user.


  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Being able to see more than one version of a statement, thought, process or item is a good thing. It's called abstract reasoning. Being able to see in the same set of words more than one question or more than one answer leads to great discoveries.

    There are a great number of people who get paid good money to see things from different perspectives. From engineers, doctors and scientists to computer programmers, artists and car mechanics. You might want to pay some attention to them rather than dismissing them.

    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    Your post requires depth. What you've managed to outline is a syndrome, not an actual problem.

    For instance: You have a headache.

    Is a headache a problem, or is it the symptom of a problem? It's the symptom of an underlying issue.

    So, what causes inept responses from users? Likely, it's lacking the ability for abstract reasoning.

    Now, since we've discovered a syndrom, we can infer the problem is likely the absense of abstract reasoning. With this information we're empowered with the ability to troubleshoot the issue in an attempt to resolve it.

    Just throwing out negatives serves no purpose, man.

    KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod mmorpg.com's forums.

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