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My take on the early access

Sick of the dayz hackers forced me into buying the legend package for this game.

I know its alpha and bugs are to be expected but the fact that the website says ' Buy game and play game october 15th' is kind of misleading for a lot of people.

I think they shot themselves in the foot a little with this..i have got in twice but been disconnected twice and now cant log in at all.

I know its alpha but dont take peoples money so early i think is the lesson here.

Im sure social networking is beating the warz backside with a big stick.

And i know its alpha but i really didnt expect it to be this bad.

Im highly sceptical they can iron out all the bugs when the beta is out on the 31st.

I like the loading screens, the customisation screen is good, the gfx in game on ultra are good and the interface is much easier to use than dayz.

Having said that it is an unpolished turd that should not have claimed to be playable and take peoples money now..the zombies were static when i was beating them with my flashlight..not even moving?

I fell into the honey trap too but i hope they pull their fingers out and get the coffee boy working hard over the next 2 weeks or i might have lost another 30 quid like i did when i bought GW2 (that was 45 ffs) and bored of borderlands 2.

Only time will tell.

I want this game to succeed so i dont have to play a panda!




  • RaxeonRaxeon Member UncommonPosts: 2,283
    this is more an early alpha to be honest but i expected this
  • fenistilfenistil Member Posts: 3,005
    Originally posted by airborne1312

    Sick of the dayz hackers forced me into buying the legend package for this game.


    Just wait. There will be gazzilions of hackers in WarZ as well.  They're coming.


    btw. WarZ is quickly made thing to cash on DayZ buzz.   I did not know why did you experienced anything better.  It is also mod basically. (to War Inc FPS game) just paid one.

  • negativf4kknegativf4kk Member UncommonPosts: 381

    Well its way too early to tell, and judge.

    P.S. Can i have one of your friend invites pleaze? )))))))) 

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  • airborne1312airborne1312 Member Posts: 56

    not too early to judge since beta is out on the 31st so they better pull their fingers out of their butts

    just worrying that they released this onto the mass public and not expect any kind of backlash even though it is in alpha stage

    perhaps they should have released a playable alpha version instead

    as it stands it isnt so dont claim it to be playable and let ppl buy it since ppl will get p1ssed off

    perhaps things might change but if zombies arent even moving and are stuck like statues as i club them to death then god help the devs


  • airborne1312airborne1312 Member Posts: 56

    Update on the buy now play alpha game ^^

    still cant log in to a server on the 16th

    some alpha this is turning into

  • MackehMackeh Member Posts: 164

    TBH I was very sceptical about this game from the off and now I smell a big fat rat.

    They roll out a game in a year, they copy the EULA from LOL and then take millions of $$$ in early access to a totally broken game

    Surfing on the success of DayZ with a quick smash n grab cash run and then vanish into obscurity with a half assed game.

    ITS ALPHA I hear you cry, yes it is, so lets watch what happens in the next few months, this is just my theory.

  • airborne1312airborne1312 Member Posts: 56

    they havent got a few months

    beta is out on the 31st

    just another panic stricken rushed job

    i wouldnt mind if i could play it even with the bugs

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