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Best MMO's of all time



  • ShakyMoShakyMo Member CommonPosts: 7,207
    1 daoc
    2 eve
    3 planetside
    4 gw2
    5 coh / cov
    6 perpetuum

    Looking forwards to dfuw, TESO, wod & planetside 2
  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196
    Lineage 2 for me.

    I have tried just about everthing else out there but never really continued to play any of them.
  • grimgryphongrimgryphon Member CommonPosts: 682

    UO, pre-Renaissance.

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  • DanerilDaneril Member Posts: 41

    1: Everquest

    2: DAoC

    3 : Everquest 2

    4 : Vanilla WoW

    5: SWG




  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen Member UncommonPosts: 2,483
    1. DAOC
    2. Asheron's Call
    3. Ultima Online
    Those are the only 3 mmo's I've played that were real mmo's.


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    Dark Age of Camelot

  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Member UncommonPosts: 1,686

    1. SWTOR

    2. EQ2

    3. LOTRO


    These 3 games are/were keeping my interest for a long time (from launch).

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  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite Member UncommonPosts: 411

    1. Star Wars Galaxies (pre nge)

    2. Lord of the Rings Online

    3. Age of Conan

    4. World of Warcraft

    5. Everquest 2

    6. Warhammer Online

    7. City of Heroes

    8. RIFT

    9. Champions Online

    10. Star Wars The Old Republic

  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    1) Asheron's Call--The very first MMO I actually played and I was hooked by the sheer openness of it all, nights at the Lugian Citadel, runs around Tusker Island, player housing on the beach, those run for your life moments racing towrds a portal chased by a bazillion baddies-back when to learn new spells you had to experiment with colored candles and such and let's not forget the leap of faith getting into the "Subway"-good times!

    2)Vanilla WoW

    3)City of Heroes/Villains--lordy lordy the introduction of one of the all time best forms of character customization for players ever seen at that time in gaming, the options were near limitless and many people spent more time creating new and totally original characters then any other all around.

    4)Rift--Good all the way around, they had me at the shiny hunting! My first real in-depth attempt at PVP and I loved it, I could earn rewards, gear, and xp so it felt like I was still progressing--matches were quick and deadly so part timers could really enjoy themselves alongside the hardcore gamers. Toon development is decent, some armor sets are a lil' lacking, but the game kept me trucking for over a year and one I would most likely go back to.

    5)Champions Online--Decent gameplay, loved the power sets and character customization. Missions and such were pretty detailed and some giant bosses made for fun nights...not to mention force blasting some villain off a high rise..hehe evil deeds!

    6)Allods Online--I know I know, for many it wasn't even on the radar, but holy heck was it decent for being a freebie and was a decent all around game until the death patch that made the cash shop almost required, so many people left that it almost died in some cases, but it's still kicking around and one to always keep on the back burner just in case. Gibberlings ftw!

    7)The Secret World--thinking about going back, eventually. I like the whole creepy feel of it and some of the story lines. The cut scenes can be a lil' bit overkill sometimes, but it adds to the whole feel of the game. PvP can be enjoyable, but needs some work and some of the bugged missions/quests need to be fixed, but overall really enjoyable.

    That's about it, I don't have any more I would consider as being list worthy. I did and haved play GW2, and EQ2, and many many more, but the above listed were the only ones that really stuck in memory and as personal opinion were some of the mo'better times in my gaming history.

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  • AxiosImmortalAxiosImmortal Member UncommonPosts: 645

    1. SWG(all even though I hate that they put in NGE)

    2. UO

    3. DAOC

    4. PS2(even though its currently not out yet, playing beta and havin fun)

    5. GW2

    6. WoW(of the old)

    7.  DCUO

    8. STO

    9. SWTOR

    10. Champions Online


    If you are wondering why SWG is my best is because thats about the only real MMO out there IMO. A legend of a game.

    Why UO? well because it was a very good game for its time and its what started all this. DAOC, the other legend of a game, love it. 

    Planetside 2 is the best FPS mmo I have played ever..... Why is guild wars 2 ranked that low? well because its no where near SWG's presence imo.

    WoW of the old, even though I don't really like the game, I still think its one of the best regardless, yes its like I have a split personality, I'm saying I don't like it and saying its one of the best.

    Why did DCUO make my list? well because that game is just so much fun(i know its not a good reason dont know how to explain the secret recipe of DCUO, love the animations the most, quite fast paced.

    STO was a good game without the pay to win based game, space was pretty fun and combat overall even though it lacked SWG space.

    SWTOR is even lucky to even make my list, the game was alot of fun with the story and animations, it just couldn't keep up with my speed burning through things and didn't have a good replay value but hey look at the brightside, it made my list.

    Champions Online is one of the best mmos as well IMO, the game was almost as fun as DCUO but CO didn't last me long enough, didn't even last as SWTOR did.

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  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,470

    hopefully, hopefully

    Project Gorgon can replicate early Asheron's Call

    if theres one thing I know, AC players, always seem to keep AC amongst the best all-time, even though the sub base was tiny comparatively 

    I think AC, SWG, and DAOC players (even though I never played the later 2) have created the fondest memories for at least half the mmo population


  • BathnorBathnor Member UncommonPosts: 137

    Here's my list

    1 -  FFXI - Loved the grouping and how challanging it is.

    2 - EQ - Pre PoP.This  was my first MMO and loved the challange on the RPPVP servers.

    3 - Runescape - Before they started selling exp and GP through spins. A great sandbox game overall, but now it is P2W.

    4 - WoW - pre WoLK. Hated that they made the game easy mode. I played on PvP servers and had a blast.

    5 -  Istaria/Horizions - Playable Dragons! Would have been my #1 game, if it was released as the game before the "blackout".

    6 - Warhammer - Enjoyed the classes and the public quests. To bad everyone played scenarios and world PvP was dead.

    7 - EQ2 - Before SoE made it easy mode.

    8 -  Phantasy Star Online - Loved this game, to bad the  servers came down!

    9 -  Rift - Liked the idea of zone events but they got repititive after awhile.

    10 - FFXIV - Enjoyed this game, but the lag at release killed it for me. I will be checking it out again when 2.0  A Realm Reborn launches.

  • PivotelitePivotelite Member UncommonPosts: 2,145

    1) Pre-WotLK WoW (Loved that the game wasn't so easy, there was actually PvP, I loved my twinks and meeting at group gatestones)

    2) Pre-grand exchange Runescape (No game had a more alive and interactive community, there was no trade broker, all exchanges were done in designated areas established by the players depending on the item and can't forget full loot PvP...good times.)

    3) GW2 (While it's pretty easymode and everything is handed to you besides legendaries it's a fun game to play with a lot of things to do, also without the sub fee I can always come back to it whenever content is added on).

    4) TERA (Korean RNG and lack of content killed the best combat and my favorite character models, but I enjoyed my 5 months in the game, especially the rivalries between guilds).

    5) Rift (While Rift really wasn't my cup of tea it has to be on the list just because of Trions work ethic and the fact that I will most likely return for Storm Legion and maybe another time afterwards due to Trions ability to add content).

    6) Uh....

    I can't name 10 that I actually liked enough to put in the top 10.


  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969

    1) SWG

    2) GW2

    3) WoW

    4) Lotro

    5) Rift

    6) SWTOR

    7) DCUO

    8) Aion

    9) EQ2

    10) Vanguard



  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,699

    1. Asherons Call





    2. Age of Conan

    3. the rest are just to much like wow and i hated wow.

  • HardangerHardanger Member Posts: 226

    There's no specific list, but here are a few:

    LotRO, DAoC, WoW, Guild Wars (1), etc


  • tyiriantyirian Member UncommonPosts: 1

    1. Vanguard Saga of Heroes

    2. Vanilla WoW

    3. DawnTide (sadly only Beta)

    4. Darkfall

    5. Mortal Online

  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004

    1. SWG (pre-cu nge)

    2. DAoC

    3. Eve

    4. CoH/CoV

    5. WoW - still

    6. EQ1 - Pre - Luclin

    7. Planetside 1.

    .. not really that many games have been truly great tbh. image

  • AirtaeeAirtaee Member UncommonPosts: 84

    1. SWG 

    2. RIFT 

    3. TSW


    The other games i've played  like WAR, WOW , DCUo, STO, DDO, EQ, SWTOR...are just not fun / catching enough to be in a list. Maybe some aspects can be saved like WAR PvP or STO character creation and space combat... but as whole games those are my bet.

  • MawneeMawnee Member UncommonPosts: 244

    1 Asherons Call

    2 Everquest

    3 Star Wars Galaxies

    4 Eve Online

    5 Dark Age of Camelot

    6 Anarchy Online

    7 Vanguard

    ......I cant keep going beyond this. While I have played many others, most of them higher up in the list had too high a level of disappointment to call them a"best"

  • DrolkinDrolkin Member UncommonPosts: 246

    Ultima Online


    Star Wars Galaxies

    Shattered Galaxy

    World of Warcraft

    Lineage II

    Atlantica Online

    Fallen Earth


    The Secret World

  • BlackraynBlackrayn Member Posts: 142

    1. Asherons call

     My list begins and kinda ends there! To this day no game has brought the fun and enjoyment as this game once brought!


     Honorable mentions






    Vanilla WoW

     I will add that LoL is where I spend all my time nowadays! Fun ass game!

  • ValarienceValarience Member UncommonPosts: 25

    1. Anarchy Online

    2. Final Fantasy XI

    3. SWG (pre-NGE)

    4. EverQuest

    5. Final Fantasy XIV

    6. The Secret World

    7. Planetside (1)

    8. EverQuest II

    9. World of Warcraft

    10. Phantasy Star (any of them)

  • CheesumCheesum Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Originally posted by kaiser3282
    Originally posted by Cheesum
    There're four pages and not one line of discussion. I understand why some forums forbid their users from making "list" threads.

    What discussion should there be? People trolling eachother trying to convince everyone else that they dont really like those games that they listed?

    Maybe people should explain their preferences a bit? List threads are kind of sterile; I can't believe anyone would actively read all the listed replies with little to no explanation.

  • MisatoTremorMisatoTremor Member UncommonPosts: 72

    It's an evolving list, at this time roughly:

    1. Anarchy Online
    2. World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade
    3. Age of Conan
    4. Guild Wars
    5. The Secret World
    6. Guild Wars 2
    7. The Lord of the Rings Online
    8. EVE Online
    9. RIFT
    10. AION

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  • BlazeyerBlazeyer Member UncommonPosts: 562

    1. FFXI

    2. SWG (pre-everything)

    3. Tabula Rasa

    4. TERA

    5. WoW (got up to wotlk)

    6. RIFT

    7. Vanguard (can't give it as much props as I'd like since I didn't get very far)

    8. EQ2

    9. AION

    10. Champions Online

    11. DCUO

    12. SWTOR


    - I've played EVE,EQ,L2,L1, WAR, AOC, and pretty much all others. They aren't on my list because I didn't play them enough to properly give them their due.

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