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How are the raids in this game?

cybertruckercybertrucker Member UncommonPosts: 1,117

Just curious to see hwat raiding is like in this game? How many people take part are there several to do especially now after the Green Lantern and Flash Expansions have come out?


  • PGHammer21PGHammer21 Member CommonPosts: 18

    It depends on the individual raid/alert/operation.

    "Fight for the Light" has but two DLC-specific operations/raids (Oan Sciencells and Coast City); however, it makes up for it by restricting the Lantern Corps power set (hard light) to that DLC pack.  "Lightning Strikes!" (the Flash-based DLC) has a combat-rating restriction (required minimum is 53); however, there are no restrictions otherwise. (My own Flash-based character predates the release of "Lightning Strikes!") "Battle for Earth" is the DLC so far with the fewest restrictions, and the only one with an overlap with the general game world (the "Union of South Gotham" series of T2 alerts/operations/raids are accessible via the GCPD Diamond District safehouse, so you can fly into South Gotham itself and take a peek and see what the flap is about before plunking down cash).

    "The Last Laugh" and "Hands of Fate" are all about PvP; therefore avoid both if PvP isn't yoour cup of tea.

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