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L2 issues

PrenhoPrenho Member Posts: 298

Yes I'm currently playing L2 due to the lack of owpvp MMOs since L1 has shut down in NA, I just see themeparks easy mode with meaningless instanced pvp everywhere.

But as I said in L2 boards, the game has several issues that could be solved if the korean devs looked at Lineage 1(which has a bigger player base and it is more profitable than L2 in eastern market, it has influencied NC to develop Lineage Eternal with the same gameplay style of Lineage 1 instead of L2's).


1 - Awakening classes, yes it was a good idea because the game was heavily unbalanced, those awakened classes brought a better balance(even with old L2 players complaining about lack of diversity(I'll talk about it bellow)). But they did it wrong, because it has created a broken game until level 86. Simply, the game gives the players the feeling that L2 only starts at level 86, so only at level 86 you will start feeling that you belong to a community, before this it is simply a solo game where the only thing you want is to rush to 85. Parties don't work on these levels because many players have a boxed ISS enchanter that allows them to solo in places like TOI by themselves, even buffers are beng ignored because ISS buffs crush old buffs, nobody with a boxed mentor-iss want another buffer to party, cleaning rooms alone, the group gaming is dead until you reach 86+. The solution is: delete all previous classes and make players to start playing as an awakened class since level 1, delete all quest chains from level 20-40 and change the stats of all monsters from lvls 20-85, making them as strong as monsters lvl 90+ in group places(considering gap of level off course, I'm not saying to turn low level zones in high level, but to remake the stats of pre 86 mobs in order to make players to play in parties), it will force players to play in parties since lvl 20(yes never forget: keep some solo zones where players grind alone while they are looking for a party via matching system), so people will start using party matching system since level 20 in order to face very strong mobs, old classes are useless and clases like prophets are the same as shit, starting as an awakened class since level 1 will fix this broken game until 85-86, making people to play in organized parties most of the time since lvls 20+ to face strong mobs.


2 - Dual box-buff dependence, as I said above, dual box was one of  the things that killed the party gaming for levels 1-85, making the game to start as MMO only after 86. The main strategy of any player that wants to level at decent rates is simple: create an Iss first, create an Orc buffer and go fast to 85 with infinite MP, after this create your main char, box your iss and give mentor to him. And off course, you can't face solo zones without sonatas after 85, so you have two options: make a boxed iss just for solo or buy buffs every 30 minutes, but after 5 minutes sonatas are gone if they are not OE for time. Solution: just make a group based game instead of a buff based game like L2, delete all ISS buffs(the lack of these buffs would be supplied remaking the stats of all weapons/armors) and turn the ISS in a DD-Nuker-Debuffer(it could solve the lack of a fight-mage hybrid class in this game), so people will want an ISS in party due to its debuffs and crowd control instead of buffs every 30-5 minutes. Iss will win a better and more active role in party at the same time that it will kill 98% of the dual box because only an active ISS will use well its debuffs depending on the situation. Off course you won't need to pay for buffs or box another character just for solo, and Iss won't need to box a DD for solo because it is a mage-fighter-debuffer hybrid, you simply solo alone while the party matching system tries to put you in a PT in a group hunting ground.


3 - Lack of diversity, old players complain about it after awakening classes, but it could be solved easily making some kind of skill tree, or anything else, for example: you have created your char(Feoh Wizard for example), when you're at level 10, one special slot will be unlocked and you will be able to choose a special skill among several ones, every 10 levels, one new slot would be unlocked and you would choose new special skill. So each class at level 99/100 will have their basic skills that you need to learn spending SP as you are used to do + 10 special skills that you chose every 10 levels(there are both active and passive skills to choose). It will make players of a same class to have different kind of playstyles depending on these 10 special skills that they have chosen, so each class will have different builds, increasing the variety of possibilities among those 8 current "static" classes.


  • RetericReteric Member Posts: 3

    class diversification will return (somewhat) in future update:

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,184
    Yea, they totally killed the game with Goddess. I am done till the old game comes back.
  • itchmonitchmon Member RarePosts: 1,995

    it looks like they are going to do a bit of backpedaling on their shoehorning all classes into 8 endgame classes.  they should have done that sooner (or better yet have never made the mistake at all) but i'm glad they are fixing it.


    it's got a decent f2p model so if the game is fun they will come.

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  • mastersomratmastersomrat Member UncommonPosts: 373
    Just tried this game and all I can say is...Lame!  These couldn't even get moving around right.  I just don't know what they were thinking.
  • EdelbertEdelbert Member Posts: 67
    Originally posted by mastersomrat
    Just tried this game and all I can say is...Lame!  These couldn't even get moving around right.  I just don't know what they were thinking.

    Lol. It's a Point-and-Click game. The WASD controls are simply there because it's an engine standard (Unreal 2.5), they never cared to implement a fully working WASD control style.

    As a Point-and-Click game L2 is working just fine.

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