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just wait a cotten picken minute...

So got to play last weekend... I enjoyed myself emminsly

Crafting: i just got started and i like it. A bit in depth and grindy but it feels different somehow.

Dynamic events: no diffenrt than those public quest in warhammer. i like them though

 Quest hubs: you just go to an area and a heart pops up and you know what to do. Want to know more? Go see the n.p.c. with the heart over his/her head.

the rest of it same as any game:  you either like it or you don't. So far I do

 i have 2 ploblems in game:

1. no trinity

    a. The good: no trinity... The reason this is good has been listed round here bout a million times i'm not an echo.

At least  those pro healers out there are not going to have any more "yes i know i pulled 324 mobs, and i'm aware i ran out of your line of sight and while doing so dropped off 123 of those mobs onto the ranged dps while simutansiosly picking up 306 more mobs, but i died and thats your fault"...  kind of days...

   b. The bad: no trinity... Theres no healer... I'm having to sacrifice dps for self/group support skills..

  In the dynamic events or the world in general every one runs in and gets after it. (this is ok) Only it seems to me everyones doing the same thing. Even though we may be different classes. Maybe as I progress  and i and those around me get better i'll like it more. Time will tell...

2. The graphics

   a. The good: You've seen the screens/played the game you either like it or you don't.   i did

   b. The bad: Combat animations

Dude and Dudetts i play an Asura and man when its time to lay it down we are all up in there and people... Its pretty.

     I mean there are fireballs rainging down, Barrage arrow animations/ poision traps/ spike traps/healingcircles/electcical spells/spirit spells/ necro spells...

      It is going off, up on this here screen. Those Inquest techinitions just messed around with the wrong Krewe... Then all of a sudden my heath bar is dissappearing and i'm like whats hitting me? Where am i? "tab target that thing"... Did i target the right one? Healing spring!! Where the hells that blasted healer? Wait oh yeah,no healers.. DODGE! I have DODGE!! you dufus!! "tap tap" ah ha!! there i am i just back flipped out of the w- wait the human that was in front of me got behind me and i back flipped into his chest and landed in the same place? i think? Who keeps throwing the fireballs i cain't see cr- what do you mean fight for my life? What the hell you think i been do- I died?  Now just hold on a cotten picken minute...


  • rungardrungard Member Posts: 1,035

    i would like an option to turn off effects or massively reduce them as well.

    i actually believe that they are reduced from what they were.

  • gessekai332gessekai332 Member UncommonPosts: 861
    Even though there's no trinity each class feels very different. I have a lvl 80 engineer, a lvl 50 guardian, and a warrior I use as a main for pvp. They are capable of fulfilling all roles technically , but each do specific roles better and they do it in a different flavor.

    Most memorable games: AoC(Tryanny PvP), RIFT, GW, GW2, Ragnarok Online, Aion, FFXI, FFXIV, Secret World, League of Legends (Silver II rank)

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