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GW2 review: A placeholder til something Great comes along

khameleonkhameleon Member UncommonPosts: 484

PVE Gameplay: Fun combat, semi-well done quest system with the hearts and events, they took that from a combination of Rift( events) and Warhammer Online(public quest hearts).

However, it is more of a single player experience than an MMO for most of the PVE. The chat is dead 95% of the time. Yes there is guild chat, but you shoudl also feel like the world is alive. Not many people are on any map at once in the areas 

PVP: To me it is very poor. It is purely optional is my problem. There is capture point played out "sPVP" where you play to capture points and maintain them til 500 points winner. Then there is WvWvW which is massiove amounts of players fighting to capture castles and other areas on an instanced map. It goes on for days, but is mostly zerg spam combat. yes you need to be organized to win, but the actual combat is just a ton of people spamming buttons and most fighst are very one sided where you catch a few stragglers off guard and 10+ of you smash them.

MMORPGs should have a war ongoing in the game world to me. There is never a feel of danger or the need to help people in this game due to no PVP in ther game world.

Graphics: Great art, but the actual graphics are behind many other online games of 2012. Animation good too. No cinematics so far, so the story is not as engaging to me because of that. Cinematics always take an RPG to another level for me as far as the story.

The game overall is solid. But to me and I know many others this game did not live up to what was expected. I thought this game would addict me and have mep laying tons of hours and that i'd stick to this game a long time. After 1 month I only login 1-2 hours max daily and play other games way more than this one.

I feel this is only a placeholder and that another MMO can easily come along and take me and others with it. This game did not innovate as much as some players and the devs try to tell you. It copied a lot of nice ideas and improved a little bit on those points. But it left out a ton of things that woudl have made it an epic game that people would have drooled over.



  • DraronDraron Member Posts: 993
    I feel any B2P game is just a placeholder. There's no commitment needed.
  • moguy2moguy2 Member Posts: 337
    Some people like a no reward game. 59 bucks to watch bots and more bots OR to run around a map running around a map to run around a map! Guys, 59 bucks to run around a map! Group for a heart quest anyone?
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