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EQ: appearance item feature (Hero's Forge)

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

i do like SOE games but i dont agree with them charging per character for this feature


 the faq

1. How will I gain access to Hero's Forge?
Hero's Forge will be available via the Marketplace on a per character basis. Simply purchase Hero's Forge for the character you wish to use it on and a whole new world of graphical adornment will be available to you!

2. Why is there an additional charge for this feature?
Development of features for the Marketplace allows us to pursue larger projects that cost more in terms of development time and resources in addition to the release of regular expansions. Because of the very intensive nature of developing features such as Hero's Forge, by selling this feature in the Marketplace we can make it immediately available to players who desire such content much more quickly and without tying it to an expansion. Additionally, Gold members with a recurring subscriptions receive 500 SC per month, which can be used to obtain this feature for all their characters at no additional cost over time if they so choose.

3. What is included with Hero's Forge?
As soon as you purchase Hero's Forge you will receive the ability to use Hero's Forge items to alter your character's appearance. You also receive a set of Hero's Forge items (either Hero's Forge Plate, Hero's Forge Chain, Hero's Forge Leather, or Hero's Forge Cloth, depending on your class armor preference) to immediately alter your appearance Finally, and most importantly, you will be able to use the huge number of drops throughout Norrath to further customize and refine your own individual look. With more than 10,000 individual Hero's Forge items created by the EQ art team, and hundreds available to any particular character, you'll have the freedom to express your individuality in a way like never before in EverQuest!

4. Do Hero's Forge items provide additional stats or in game power?
We have not added any stats to Hero's Forge items. Armor obtained via the Hero's Forge feature functions very similar to appearance weapon augments, and will have a dedicated slot on each piece of armor.

5. How do we acquire additional Hero's Forge items in game?
Simply by playing! Hero's Forge items will be available in many different ways, so no matter what you like to do, there will probably be some way to earn Hero's Forge items. At launch, we'll have items available through the following methods: achievements, missions in current content, various types of NPC drops, raids, and raid bosses. Additional items will be made through tradeskills very soon after launch. If you take a look at the image below, you can get a better idea of how different sets are tiered much more clearly.


6. Will there be achievements for completing different sets of Armor?
Yes! You will be able to earn achievements in game for completing many of the different sets of armor. These achievements will be available for you to see via the achievements window, like other achievements currently in game.

7. Will there be new robe appearances available via Hero's Forge?
Yes! We definitely wouldn't want to leave out our robe wearing brethren.

8. What are the plans for expanding Hero's Forge after launch?
We definitely plan on continuing to expand the system, especially with more specialty items. We've been hearing a lot about wizard hats specifically, items such as these are definitely a direction we will strongly consider. We're also considering items themed for special accomplishments, in-game holidays, and all sorts of other exciting avenues!

9. What if I don't take part in Hero's Forge, how will this feature benefit me?
If you don't pick up Hero's Forge (or don't pick it up right away), you can still acquire these items in your adventures throughout Norrath. It will be your choice; do you save these items for yourself (for when you do decide to purchase the feature) or sell them to your fellow adventurers? The Hero's Forge system gives a whole new category of items for all adventurers to buy and sell to one another, regardless of your choice to participate in Hero's Forge directly. Tradeskillers will also be happy to hear that their skills will be in even more demand with their ability to craft Hero's Forge items for their fellow adventurers!

We hope this helps you all get a deeper understanding of Hero's Forge. We're incredibly proud of this offering and can't wait to see how you all use it in the game! If you have further questions, please post them on our forums and we'll do our best to continue to answer!


forum discussion


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    this isnt a rip off from RIFT or LOTRO


    EQ2 has had appearance slots since Sept 2007 -- before LOTRO or any other mmo i know of

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Charging 1200sc per character ($12!) killed it for me.  I can't support this company anymore because they appearantly don't appreciate long time loyal players.  SOE keeps on coming out with decent stuff, but they just always end up with bad execution.  They could've net a lot of money from someone like me, I have 5 accounts between me and my g/f.  We have tons of characters, on many servers.  I would've flagged my accounts with this feature if they came out with a reasonable price and didn't charge per character.  It would cost upwards of a thousand dollars if I was to flag all my characters with this feature.  And before people saying to just not flag all the characters, then I respond... eh, where's the fun?  It's a game, it's supposed to be fun.  It makes no sense for me to logon one character with new armor, then logon another to see them in old armor.


    This is on top of them stripping our abilities to pay for subscriptions and expansions using the existing station cash we have.  I have stock piled sc over the past year, subscribed monthly so I could get 500sc per month.  Plan was to save up enough to pay for future expansions and pay for subscriptions.  But they've done a bait & switch there.


    This is all just too much in one year for me.  Good luck to those that still enjoy EQ.


  • FadedbombFadedbomb Member Posts: 2,081

    By the by, if you haven't been in EQ since they put this in I can tell you these "Hero Forge" armors look like ASS.


    I can't even believe they're charging $12 PER CHARACTER for this nonsense.



    Also, the reason it is per-toon is because the population is so low in EQ1 now that per-account they'd lose money based on how much it cost to develope this "new feature".


    To be clear, THIS IS NOT AN APPEARANCE TAB, and only "Hero Forge" armor drops can be used instead of other types of armor graphics.

    The Theory of Conservative Conservation of Ignorant Stupidity:
    Having a different opinion must mean you're a troll.

  • BeackerBeacker Member UncommonPosts: 440

    This is just SOE's way of bleeding out whatever money it can on a dying game. EQ was my first MMO and it was astonishing and I miss it. I put in about 4 years on this game for my enchanter. I was in Triality one of the best guilds and we conquered every expansion. It was great seeing all the raids but SOE is just money hungry and really has killed the game even 6+ expansions ago.

    This games time has come on gone which is unfortunate but SOE knows it and they will continue to bleed money from people as long as they can keep the servers up. I really wonder what is going to happen the day they decided to shut down EQ1. To some people especially a few people in Triality still this game is thier life. I wouldn't be surprised if they can't live without this MMO. Still shocked it is around though I know it was hurting pretty bad recently.

    I hate SOE but im torn because of EQ Next. I did not care for EQ2 so hopefully Next can bring back the nostalgia. I really want to play Next but with SOE I just don't know. Crappy game company full of greed and some of the worst customer service around. They do create good games but they just cannot maintain them well.

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