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Not bad

I was bored and searched for some new game to try and while the terrain texture is not to the same level of the character models it's not a big problem for me.

I'm playing it fully maxed out and for the first time ever on the european server I don't seem to be getting fps problems despite me having a brother always slowing the net having me stop playing action games for the fps problem.


I'm currently level 18 soon 20 still contemplating between scout or assassin (Both awesome imo) but till guild wars 2 I have nothing to do and this game doesn't seem boring for now.

Mind you it's not perfect, the bag is very small and will get filled with crafting rubbish very fast, everything seems to be very expensive while gold drops in dungeons is very crap and so is selling armour/weapons you find to vendors BUT if you collect 3 pieces of maps you can trade them for a "treasure map" in which for the first time monsters where dropping me on 200 gold per gold stack on the ground. (Shame you can only do it on normal)

Chat has some problems with gold spammers I try blocking them but after a few minutes another appears, sometimes they go away or banned not sure besides chat is spammed with people trying to trade or inviting in their guilds so if I wanted some chatting I'd join a guild which I'll do when I find one siutable for me.

I like the combo system on the skills although it's a little frustrating on charge attacks to connect most of the times but it gives a variety of possible actions you can do.

One thing I like on this over dragon nest and maybe vindictus too is when you change difficulty on a dungeon you won't always start in the same area but you could start in a different location and fight the boss in a different location, lessens the repetitivness of doing the same dungeon more than once for quests with requirements like "you need to finish this on Expert" and you're still on normal.


All in all I was fairly surprised, I'm not a pvper so that might be why I'm not bashing it but for now the pve dungeon runs are fun to solo maybe in the future I'll see if I could join some parties to dungeon run.


  • B1mbleB1mble Member CommonPosts: 148

    I agree, a fun game with cool hit where you aim combat. 

    What is killing it for me is the quantity of gold spammers which is massacring chat.  We are not taliking a lot of spammers here. This is more like a biblical plague.  I strongly doubt that any strong community has formed because of this.  There also seems either a reluctance to deal with it or an inability to.

    The other point which might put some people off is the gender locked classes and the fact that Hunters look like Justin Bieber (as I have said before) and the rest look like your usual Barbie doll mutants.

    in summary, a nice game that will fall because of gold spamming killing any chance for a community to develop.

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