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The secret MMO



  • TheBigDRCTheBigDRC Member Posts: 162
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    Well this would have applied to TESO a few months back, they worked on it for 4years before announcing anything.

    There are rumours that valve were thinking of doing a mmo, but I can't see it, its not a valve sort of thing, and valve work very slooooowly, not the sort of people to want the hassle if running a mmo.

    So it probably is that halo mmo for the 720 / win 8 that blizzard are supposedly making.

    Valve MMO? Half-Life Online? The G-Man approves.

    . . . I demand headcrabs to be a playable race. image

    You know what's fun about chaos? I do, but I won't tell.

  • PsychowPsychow Member Posts: 1,784
    Will it kill WoW...I mean GW2?
  • CalerxesCalerxes Member UncommonPosts: 1,641
    I'm hoping there'll be an MMO based around the Westworld and Futureworld films being secretly made. image

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  • ChiramChiram Member UncommonPosts: 643
    Originally posted by mikethk

    Did you know that theres a upcomming MMO, which could compete with GW2, Planetside and Archage?


    The game isent presented on MMORPG.


    If you didnt, then start to become excited :)


    Cya all.


  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,094
    Originally posted by Harafnir

    he is probably talking about this:




    Beyond this thread being stupid, that video looks good. Too bad it suffers from consolitis.

  • aaron2luv1aaron2luv1 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Originally posted by Harafnir

    he is probably talking about this:




    Thats looks really good. I'll definately give that a go when it finally releases.

  • amikobamikob Member UncommonPosts: 29
    I wish to Ultima Online 2 !!!! the same game with 3d graphics would be the best MMO ever ;p
  • JaedorJaedor Member UncommonPosts: 1,173

    Sounds like Titan.

  • bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 116
    Well first of all his claim is to vague to be factual,so you can assume it's BS,but it's good BS cause it got all you talking about various mmo games in development.Good job OP
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