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EQ2 Sleepers tomb, part 1, 09/18

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

Sleeper's Tomb, Chapter 1 Begins Next Week

Sleeper’s Tomb, Chapter 1 Begins!

Norrathian’s will find Jorlak, an aged Dracurion chronomage, outside of the Sleeper’s Tomb in Velious’ Eastern Wastes. He will launch a quest that gives adventurers access to world-changing events in Norrath’s history, including the rituals of the heralded warders who kept the great prismatic dragon, Kerafyrm, asleep for many ages.

Start Your Chains of Eternity Adventure

Level 92 players should be on the lookout for a message from Erus Dal’viv, the Swordbearer. He has a mission for adventurers that will help the Duality’s research into the Age’s End Prophecy... a mission that could take an unexpected turn.

Avatars of War Appear!

The defeat of Rallos Zek has ascended the demi-gods of War to full godhood. They will appear in the lands of Velious ready to take on any who challenge them. These Avatars – now known as the Hounds of War – will take on any and all who dare confront them as they choose to appear in Eastern Wastes, Withered Lands, or Great Divide.

Ride Dragonkin across the Skies! Or Decorate with One!

New wyvern mounts are available through the new Sleeper’s Tomb content released on Live servers for those who have the Velious expansion. Or you can buy a wyvern mount of your own from the Marketplace. And if flying isn’t your speed, you can decorate your house with a wyvern plushie from the Marketplace. Each Beastie Box gives you a random color of wyvern when it’s opened. Collect all five colors!

Stay tuned. We’ll be posting more soon!


The only requirement is to be level 92.  It doesn't require you to have finished the Fallen Swords line


  • DanerilDaneril Member Posts: 41
    The lore around Sleepers tomb is in my opinion one of the best things in Eq/Eq2. This is going to be awesome!


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