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Area known as "Green Acres" in UO??

teratyateratya Member UncommonPosts: 346

Figured I would post this here as well as UO forum being that everyone seems to be here.

Ok this is a stretch but I have to ask about this. I played UO for a year or two back in 1998 and 1999, and a friend of mine had a rune that was marked in an area that he was told named "Green Acres". HE soon found that it seemed to take him to an area that was just grasslands for miles. No Trees, Buildings and what seemed to be no way out. Anyone know of this or had any experience with this. I watched him go there and it was pretty crazy. The two funniest things were when he found out he could smuggle ostards to the regular world through this, and the best thing that he did that still has me laughin was when some fool kept buggin him to take him somewhere he opened a gate to Green Acres and straight PKed his ass, with nowhere to run. LOL it was funny as hell.

Let me know if any of you has heard of this. Thanks.

Shots out!

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  • convergeconverge Member Posts: 76
    yeah thats a place that u are not supposed to be in i think.



  • ShelkShelk Member UncommonPosts: 66

    I played UO for 3 years from beta.  I remember hearing of a place called Green Acres.  I also knew people in the game who had runes given to them by GMs to places in dungeons where other than recalling, you could not get to. 


  • DisastormDisastorm Member Posts: 318
    Uo allows ostards in the normal lands now, theyve been allowing that for over a year now, and also i think they blocked all runes to places that players arent supposed to get too (the main ones anyway)

  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194
    i went to GA back in 99 with one of my friends on pacific, its a pretty poitless place.. but if your caught there you can get banned, if your lucky the same will happen to you that happend to me and my friend we were messin around seein who was the fastests when a gm showed up and didnt say anything but before we knew it he transfered up into the black area of the world map where you cant move.. we were there fot about 20mins then xferd to brit, and we both got a msg that if we were found back there again our accounts would be perma banned, then the rune was gone from his bag

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