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SWG Players, Where are they now?



  • eddieg50eddieg50 Member UncommonPosts: 1,809
    Yes SWG was a great chatroom , but I am now playing Vanguard
  • CasualMakerCasualMaker Member UncommonPosts: 862
    EQ, EQ Mac, EQ2, some Vanguard (yeah, I have the All-Access). And a good bit of CoX, until NCSoft skr3w'd us all this past weekend; I wouldn't touch GW2 with a barge pole at this point. Just started a free CO account yesterday, and not sure yet how I like it.
  • superniceguysuperniceguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,278

    Various MMOs, but making the most out of SOE titles until they force us to go to ProSieben, then when that happens all SOE titles will be as good as shut down to me.

    But mainly City of Heroes, before that shuts down too. COH > SOE games as there is still a chance they can still be playable, if SOE make ProSieben optional, or ProSieben get a clue.

    MMOs are going down the crapper, so will be focussing most of my attention on Xbox 360 and consoles from now on, uintil start making amends. It gets annoying when MMOs shut down and you lose all your progress.

    PSO 2 is releasing soon, and will give that a go. PSO 1 allowed you to level your character offline or online, and even when they shut down the servers, you can still play your characters now offline today. The GC version allows you to play multiplayer offline in splitscreen. Hopefully PSO 2 will do the same, but PSU did not

  • LoverNoFighterLoverNoFighter Member Posts: 294

    Got to 50 in SWTOR and got fed up with the game.

    Playing GW2 while keeping an eye on The Repopulation.


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