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New to MMORPG's!!

Hi there,

I am new to MMORPG's but my brother has just given me a brief overview of what the aim is, and I have to admit he got me really interested. My interest has been so great that I found this site, registered, and now would be really grateful if someone could tell me how I can take my new found interest further and actually get involved too. Any hints, material to read, recommendations of games?

Thanks for taking the time out to read my post, and I am grateful to anyone who replies to me :)


Atif Farooq


  • DisastormDisastorm Member Posts: 318
    right now all the games out are pretty much crap in my opinion, but in the future look out for Final Fantasy XI, Lineage2, and, my favorite, Ultima X.

  • atif_farooqatif_farooq Member Posts: 3

    Is there a game out there that I could try in the short term to try and get in to the genre so that I am prepared for one of the games that you have recommended?


  • sleepyguyftlsleepyguyftl Member Posts: 648

    Earth and Beyond was a fun one.

    The only game I have really enjoyed is Earth and Beyond. A tale in the Desert was a close second (lack of players caused me to quit). Tried Rubies of Evertide, Linage, Dark age of Camelot, and Anarchy Online. Liked none of them.

  • RiotgirlRiotgirl Member UncommonPosts: 520

    First of all, you need to provide some information in order for us to assist you in finding a game that you like.

    A quick synopsis:

    The MMOG (I refuse to use MMORPG) market is maturing and changing as the next generation of MMOG's are either in beta or are being released. What this means is that quite a number of the current MMOG's are perhaps not suitable for beginners i.e. EQ - most newbie zones are empty by all accounts (real shame - I loved EQ back in the day), UO is no longer actively supported, etc.

    There are a whole raft of MMOG's either in beta or just released:

    Just released (last 6 months):
    EVE Online - Sci Fi with PvP elements
    SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) - You'll love or hate. Beware, still very buggy i.e. work in progress


    To be released soon or next year:
    EQ2 - EQ reloaded but brought right up to date. Again, you'll love it or hate it
    WoW - If you loved the Blizzard titles than this is the MMOG for you potentially

    Ahem. I'm a little rusty on the 'ol MMOG scene :P As mentioned above, this is a transitional period where the old MMOG's like UO, DAoC and EQ for example, are being gradually replaced by sequeals - bringing them bang up to date with current MMOG's i.e. graphics, game engine, player built structures, customized trade skills etc.

    What you need to do to navigate this mine-field is answer a few potential questions:

    1. What genre do you like? Fantasy/Sci-Fi? Cyberpunk?
    2. What type of game do you like? PvE [Player vs Environment] or PvP [Player Vs Player] or perhaps a hybrid?
    3. What type of player are you? Social? Achiever? Action? Explorer?
    4. How much spare time do you have? Casual gamer? Or are you prepared to spend hours and hours immersed within a game?
    5. Click on 'discussion menu', and go through each and every game on the list to your right. Take every review with a pinch of salt, disregarding two-sentance reviews that consist of 'This game sux' or 'This game roolz' - these are not helpful at all.

    Once you can identify your own tastes, post your answers in this forum and we should be able to help you. There are some very experienced MMOG players on this site who will be able to provide you with information on your choices of MMOG's i.e. what type of game, the game engine, the game interface (v. important as a newbie), whether the game has a steep learning curve or not etc.

    My personal opinion would be to wait a month or so because the market is really in a transitional state. I wouldn't go as far as saying that there are none that are worth playing presently, but the EQ example of no players in the newbie-low level zones means that unless you join with friends, there will be little or no support in some MMOG's due to the median high levels.

    Horizons will be coming out of beta (hopefully) in a month, and that's my recommendation based on what I want in a MMOG. Take a look around and get a feel for the genre. Also, take a look at: Stratics.

    The most important piece of advice that I can give you is to take your time - there is NO rush.


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  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    Farooq, if you have an urber (term used in mmo's for superior) pc, then i suggest you wait for EQII, expected release in a few months...

    but if your pc is crappy (term used in everday life to mean crappyimage) then for right now.... go with EQ

    one of the best out right now...

    have a fun time gaming

    and welcome to our worldimageimageimageimageimageimage


  • DjinDjin Member Posts: 3,263
    I'm going to have an uber computer soon,  and I still will be playing my old games and World of Warcraft.

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  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    I dont know why u arent gonna be playing EQII

    ur gonna miss outimage


  • DjinDjin Member Posts: 3,263
    I had my heart set on WoW for a long time. . .  I can't play more then on MMORPG at a time. . .  not enough time. . .

    E.T. is alive...
    MMORPG.com - Gramp Staff

    What will he do next?
  • herculeshercules Member UncommonPosts: 4,920

    Agreed riotgirl SWG is either you love it or hate it.

    I think its a good game but has no long stay intrest for me but only one game ever did -EQ.

    As for bugs i been playing close to 3 months or so and have to say i rarely encounter any bugs.

    The ones I do are mainly settled by relogging  and once i think the groupchat went down but thats it really,nothing big comes to mind.

    In the start i heard many complain about bugs but not now really.

    I myself did not see anything that i have not seen double folds in already established games.

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