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Received an email from CCP...



  • kovahkovah Member UncommonPosts: 692
    Originally posted by Uhwop

    I would say to come back and try and join one of the corps currently allied with NC. if you're interested in putting that 70m SP guy to some work in war.

    Goonies and NC. are in a war currently and there's some good fights happening in null.

    Unfortunately, ever since day one back in August 2006 I have never had an interest in nullsec.  0.0 politics and their wars seem rather silly to me overall.  They make for great stories that I like reading but I have yet to discover the part of me that wants to participate in that.

    Well, today is the day that I have to decide.  I think, despite all the advice and the voice in my head telling me not too, I'm gonna jump...  Had a good week at work (service industry) so...  Yeah, what's another wasted $25?

    Thank you all for your responses.  Likely won't see you in-game...  :p

    Cheers, GL HF Fly Safe,





    [edit] LOL.  Maybe not.  Option isn't there.  I suppose "Expires September 2nd" meant that I had to chose yesterday...  Oh well.  I've emailed them for clarification but maybe you really won't see me back in-game.

  • kovahkovah Member UncommonPosts: 692

    And now I have to start keeping EVEMon open again...

    o7 to Support for "fixing" this.


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