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LF f2p with good graphics and not pay-to-win if possible

turin3kturin3k Member Posts: 6


Like the title says.

I'm playing with my girlfriend so team-duo game friendly is what I'm looking for.

So far we spent most time with Perfect World International, but we got bored. Not to mention I spent way too much in Cash Shop. It's damn pay-to-win game. Graphics were good and gameplay was excellent if You don't plan do mean anything in PvP for example - If u do - You have to pay.


Aion - She wasn't convinced to pace of gameplay so we left it. Anyway graphics were great, not pay-to-win and all, but boring in the end.


Now playing: DC Universe Online - It's quite nice, some more action, but we're more towards fantasy MMO I guess.


Any suggestions?


Btw: I can't convince her to get GW2 even If it's only one time pay. But maybe someday... We'd need some kind of trial first I think.





  • duracelx9duracelx9 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    Hi you can try Jade Dynasty is very fun , you can get married , a lot of classes(11) when you make lvl cap 150 you can make grind, kill bosses with you gf and get gold very easy ,you can get from 1 day of grind like 10 jadens from banker :), a lot o events, good graphic or you can try on a private server (TTGN Jade Dynasty)-------Sorry for my english----------
  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Not P2W you say? Hm hm hm... 

    I've been playing Elsword lately and enjoying it quite much so, the characters are gender locked, but that is because the characters have their own back story and what have you. As for class choice, you start of as a base class (based on which character you picked) Then at 15 you have two classes to pick from, which then go into another class. Soon enough though each character is getting a new class to play as at 15 (meaning another new advancement as well, at 35)

    As for P2W, not very much so. The only thing worth buying in the item mall would be a costume, which give paltry stat boosts, and you can also buy them from players if need be. A Mana Necklace which gives you a slight boost in mp gain, which is again isn't a big thing, and you can buy them from players. Lastly the B-Slot, which is mainly used for the highest tiers of PvP and most extreme forms of dungeoning. It gives you access to an extra set of skill keys so you can set more skills (you can use 4 without, 8 with) Some characters don't even need one to enjoy super high tier PvP and those dungeons though.

    Give it a look-see, I've played wayyy too many f2ps, and I can confidently say that Elsword doesn't lean towards P2W very much at all.

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