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Game Status?

redman875redman875 Member Posts: 230

Anyone play this?

Can anyone give a state of the game update?



  • bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 116

    It's still going.However  there's still bugs they need to iron and other improvements they need to implement.Other then that it seemed rather solid except for the  few bugs i experienced.Whenever i log in,i do a /who to see if anyone else is playing,and it seems as if i am the only one.

    I can tell that the devs are very passionate about their game.Zetto has personally answered me more then once on the forums with questions i had.He is working very hard to improve the game as well from what i can tell.Hopefully,someday,it gets to the point where Aerrevan can attract more players.Crafting would be nice as well.

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