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Shoulda seen this coming...:/ GW2 Problems..

Son0fZeusSon0fZeus Member Posts: 49

Ordered my Lenovo y580 with a upgraded HD screen a week ago, too bad it takes like 2 weeks to make and another few days to get here...ugh

On top of it my 2GB ram and 256mb graphic card gateway lags like CRAZY on all low and I think its just going to ruin it for me if I try to do anything. SO i waited 2 days to downlaod the game, took me 20 min to create the character and another 30 to choose a name and now I gotta wait until the laptop comes in and I install the game on it...definetly didnt see this one coming...gotta be more prepared next time. 


I guess this gives me time to do some homework and I have the North Coast Music Festival happening here in Chicago this weekend so that should keep me busy...guess GW2 is going to have to wait some moree!


  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    That sucks, but why is it taking whoever you ordered this laptop from 2 weeks?!

    Business like that im suprised anyone buys their laptops.


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