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Help building a PC for around 500-600 euros

treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 257

Hi all,


A friend of mine was going to buy a new PC for gaming, and I convinced him to wait a bit so that I could ask here for advice and then buy the PC part by part, which is always cheaper and better in my opinion. For the money he is willing to spend, I thought that buying a CPU intel i5 and a nvidia gtx 400-500 series would be fine, around 4 gigs of ram ddr3 and a normal hard drive (not ssd). Any advice on which i5 and graphic card to take and a motherboard so that price stays around 500-600 euros? thanks in advance


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,130

    On that budget, you probably want a Radeon HD 7770 for the video card. On a larger budget, a Radeon HD 7850 or 7870 would make more sense. For Nvidia, it's basically GeForce GTX 670 or bust right now, but that's way out of your budget. The only other Nvidia card that really makes much sense at all to buy new at current prices is a GeForce GTX 560 (not Ti), and even that is only because it fills a hole in AMD's lineup where there isn't any card (from either vendor) that is all that good of a value for the money.

    Sure, a Core i5-3570K is a nice processor. It doesn't fit your budget, though. On your budget, you want an AMD 970 chipset motherboard together with a Phenom II X4 955/965/whatever happens to be available if you can find one at a good price, or an FX-4100 if you can't.

    What country are you in? That affects where you can buy parts from. Also, do you need new peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor, surge protector)? I hope you don't, because if you do, you'll have to go pretty low end on everything and probably use integrated graphics rather than a discrete video card.

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