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LF Free Fight Game

sohaibsohaib Member Posts: 17

Hello, i played S4 League, it's a shooter online game, you can also use Swords, what i like is your character hits when you click, not like the mmorpgs that need to double click ,run after the opponent and kill him.

What i'm exactly looking for is a game:


  • Attack is like (ex: prinse of persia), i mean you controll your char moves
  • Unlike the other mmorpgs, it depends on Playing skill, avoiding attacks & your speed, not only STATS AND GEARS
  • Online Multiplayer Game
  • Graphics, anything exept nintendo 64 bullshit haha
Video Example on Things I Can Do With My Character on the game i want
You Might Ask: why don't you just play S4 Leache,
           Answer: Because 101% of players use hacks, & it's too much cartoon lol
To sum up, character control gotta look like S4, i don't care if there's guns, i prefer melee fight
PS: i don't care how you call it, MMORPG, or MMOBullshit, just a game with these things
Please don't tell me it doesn't exist


  • sohaibsohaib Member Posts: 17
    wtf? no answer? nobody knows a game like this?
  • joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

    it takes time for peeps to answer, especially on a weeknight/day


    as for your quandry?  fraid not m8, sorry i couldn't be more helpful

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