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Prosieben is coming soon (about 30 days or so) for EU players

superniceguysuperniceguy Member UncommonPosts: 2,278

My biggest fear with this deal is that they are proceeding to fast, and when it is ready to transition, you have to transition to carry on playing, or do not transition, and can not play.

eg When DCUO transitioned, they announced that the Authenticators were not useable with PSS1, and so I would imagine that DCUO players who use the Authenticators would not play any more. If they made it optional so that you could still log into your SOE account and use the Authenticators, then that would have been better. Then when PSS1 were able to get Authenticators working with them, then to make it non-optional

The other thing is that everytime security is mentioned with PSS1, there is just silence, meaning that the security is not going to be crash hot., and could even be worse than SOEs security pre May 2011.

The deal could end up being good, but they forcing us to move before they have everything in order. It is one thing a MMO not being finsihed at launch, but not getting security ready is irresponsible.

I will only transfer to prossiben if they say their security is the same as SOEs or better, and they dish out Authenticators. Or if I decide I want my ID to be stolen.

I just hope they see sense, and if the deal has to go ahead, then they make it optional to stay with SOE until everything is worked out with PSS1, and everyone feels that PSS1 is just as good as SOE or hopefully better, and then make it non-optional.


  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,502
    This really upsets me I can never go back to play the games I have there including DCU,EQ 1 &2 ,Vanguard and in the future the new Everquest.
    Chamber of Chains
  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    i know the DCUO transition has been bumpy


    SOE did say this but time will tell

    are the problems DCUO customers are experiencing what we can expect for EQ2? Customer Service reps on the DCUO EU forums say ‘Wait and see.’:

        Don’t just yet compare DCUO to EQ2, we all know full well that we need to do alot of stuff differently for EQ2.So we can’t say yet what will or might be the case for EQ2, you will need to watch the FAQs and what our CMs post.

        However I can only assure you again that this migration was done for DCUO only, setting a few basic mechanisms for further SOE migrations to come.As I said when it comes to EQ2 we expect that we have to rethink alot of the basics and edge cases, and also know how strong the EQ2 community is.So don’t just throw us in the trash bin yet, we have yet to migrate EQ2, and a lot lessons learned from the DCUO migration, so stick with us.

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    EQ2 transition delayed

        Hail Denizens of Norrath in the UK and EU,

        I just wanted to stop in here on the EQII Forums to give you an update the current status of the transition of our EU players to ProSiebenSat.1 Games. Having recently completed the transition for DC Uiniverse Online, we’ve learned a great many valuable lessons and identified a few areas where we’d like to improve the processes. We’re currently using that information and the feedback from player experiences and are working to improve the process further for players in future transitions.

        To this end, we have made the call not to make the transition for EverQuest II players during the time frame noted in the previous CS notification email.

        As soon as we have more information on a new schedule for the EQ2 transition, we’ll let you know here, immediately. Further, when we settle on a new date, all EU players can expect to receive a new CS email notification, well in advance.  As a side note, and again as a result of valuable player feedback, we were able to fix the issue where some EU players did not receive the initial CS notification email.

        Thank you all, and see you in game!
        Warmest regards,

  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092

    I've already made up my mind to quit ALL and EVERY $O€ game I've ever played. Though PSS1 does look better than $O€ as host (I'm even surprised to hear myself say that :p), they're nothing more than an extra payer to $O€. I've seen this with issues I've had with the DCUO transition, where my ticket was resolved by PSS1, but they had to ask $O€ for each & every thing to do to my account.

    An other problem that'll arise is with the SC (StationCash / SevenCoins - take your pick ;). With the DCUO transition I had 650 of them and that's still the amount there on PSS1. But with my EQ2 subscription still running I have around 1500 now at $O€, while on PSS1 it still tells me 650. I'm no expert on MMO traosisions, but I'm fairly sure that something is bound to go wrong when EQ2 will be passed on to PSS1...

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