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Best GW Professions

im a future GW owner and i just really wanted to know what a great second profession for an elementalist is eather a mesmer or a monk im really strugling to figure out which one i should pick please tell me which one and give me reasons why im really greatful image thank you and have a grate day.image


  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    Wanttodie00....I think it depends on your style of play. Are you more offensive minded or defensive minded. Either of those two secondaries are very effictive.

    Personally I play an E/Me for this reason....pure offense. I love dealing a lot of damage. I usually use two items from the mesmer line (arcane echo and mantra of concenration) along with the fire and energy storage lines from the elementalist. So with that I can not be interupted while dealing out two nukes, rogarts invocation and fireball (all have AoE effects). Also I am skill capping to get Echo elite...give me the possibilty to have 4 nukes available with increase recharge of skills or 2 sets of different nukes.

    I think the E/Mo build is great at defense...although the smite line lends itself well to offense. With increase energy for healing, you get more healing in. Though not as powerful, more is sometimes better than sheer strength. Add healing in with different wards available thru the water and earth lines (especialy with the new updates)...Elmo's can really help a team.

    So have fun with either build...pre-welcome to Guild Wars...see ya in game.

    Elaine Aes Sedai E/Me (lvl 20)

    "It is easier to be cruel than wise. The road to wisdom is long and difficult... so most people just turn out to be assholes" Feng (Christopher Walken)

  • Wanttodie00Wanttodie00 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you vary much for that information i am currently playing runescape wile trying to raise money for GW. but anyway i am a big time warrior up front offencive player therefor im going with the E/Me. im really glad u told me reasons why because i also whatch my cousin play ffxi and i saw what an importantnce mages are and the only reason that i was strugling with the combo was because i didnt know if i should be a healing supporter or a battle supporter so i really appreciate it and when i get the game in anouther 2 days or so i will add u and ask for a little help if possibleimage
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