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Horde reroll/veteran guild *Fantasy Riots*

KoronicKoronic Member Posts: 2





Update: Realm "Tichondrius".

Faction: Horde.

Please feel free to post the "class" and your characters name.

Already have a few people interested in the same thing I am. Rerolling offers returning and veteran players to start on a new slate on an incredible server Tichondrius offering day/night activity.

Come join players alike who have the same interested in mind X). Whether you want to faceroll pvp/arena or stay up on the latest PvE content this is the place for it to happen...

What class do you want to play???

Whats the character name???

Guild will officially start up eXactly 1 week from now. Friday October 07 2011. If we happen to fill up quick this guild will be leveling ASAP. Please leave a messege on here for now!

*Guild website & vent are upcoming....

**Guild name is being decided

Messege Koronic for invite. Thanks


  • KoronicKoronic Member Posts: 2


  • kitkat700kitkat700 Member Posts: 12

    this is great coz i want to level up also..

    do you have more specifics on the PM activity???

  • azrael466azrael466 Member Posts: 365
    Damnit, so close but I don't do pvp servers..

    waiting for
    The secret world
    WoW, DCU online, star wars: the old republic, city of heroes, city of villains, everquest, plenty more I'm probably forgetting or aren't worth noting.

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