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lance Armstrong

Lord.BachusLord.Bachus Member RarePosts: 9,686

One of my alltime heroes, Lance Armstrong got stripped today of his 7 tour the France victories.



is this how the world treats his real heroes?  never ever in his whole cycling career did they find a single possitive test, even tough he was the most tested sporter in history.  this cancer survivor and beacon of hope for many many more cancer patients deserves nothing but respect, yet he ends up in a witchhunt direct by sick people for personal gain and the needed publicity.


Makes me really feel sad


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  • JayBirdzJayBirdz Member Posts: 1,017
    They need to prove it or it looks like a witch hunt at this point.  They are trying to strip him of them because he is tired of the legal battle? Has the UCI weighed in yet? They were suppose to give a comment sometime today according to one article. Without proof I hope they stand by Lance.
  • frodusfrodus Member Posts: 2,396

    This really makes me sick !!! He has had over 500 test and at least 1/3 was unannounced and passed every one,plus the fact they are going after his pasted earnings.Just freaking disgusting

    I'm just so feed up with the USADA,they don't have any proof as of yet,USADA is out of control.

    And where does the USADA get the money from and who made the USADA and you soon realize why they are doing this.

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