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Since I can't post on the offical forums...(PS3)

So, I'm having two issues with my game on the PS3.

1, the UI is too big to fit my tv, I tried adjusting the UI all the way to scale, but it still cuts off the chat box.

2, can I/how do I set up a headset for the game? theres nothing in the UI for it, but I assume it does have chat functionality..

waiting for
The secret world
WoW, DCU online, star wars: the old republic, city of heroes, city of villains, everquest, plenty more I'm probably forgetting or aren't worth noting.


  • reploidxreploidx Member UncommonPosts: 320
    I can't really answer the question about the UI. The UI looks good on my flat screen so i never really looked for it in the options. But to set up a head set, you need a wireless headset. Or you can use a keyboard (which is what i'm using) since it seems most people with a headset don't know how to turn it off or blare music in it.
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