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How will you be spending your last hours in Guild Wars 1 before Guild Wars 2 is released .

roo67roo67 Member Posts: 402
With the release of GW2 many people will inevitably leave GW1 for good (although I'm sure it will still maintain a population and may get new people playing that have never played it because they are enjoying GW2 ) . To those people who are leaving I wonder how you will be spending your last hours in GW2 . Is your guild holding any special events etc ? 


  • V1kN1kV1kN1k Member UncommonPosts: 27
    Ima not going anywhere, still got tons of things to do in gw1 :)


  • LethalJaxxLethalJaxx Member Posts: 105
    I am imagining the GW1 fans all being in one place, having a good party of it. Then, someone yells "SERVERS ARE UP!!!!" and within 0.72 seconds EVERYONE will be gone.. with one guy left standing in the centre (probably just had a bathroom break) thinking FFFuuuuuu....
  • LyphLyph Member Posts: 1
    Yeah, I'm not leaving GW1 anytime soon. Still got friends who play it and there's still more to be done.
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