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mmorpg junkie

AbronzAbronz Member Posts: 126

Hello all,

I am a mmorpg junkie. I have played most of the games out there, and spent on average at least 5 to 6 hours online each day.

I have accepted a promotion at work, and now I need to spend more time there. Also I have an 11 month old baby girl that I watch two days out of the week, and part time on weekends with the wife.

So all this boils down to not having any free time for gaming. I don't mind I guess, but I still need to address my fix. I am not ready to give up gaming just yet.

I have about 1 hour free to play per day. Would Guild Wars be a good choice with that amount of free time available?


edit - I know guild Wars is not a 'real' mmorpg, but that does not matter to me much. With only 1 hour free I don't think I would have any fun with a normal mmorpg.


  • sschruppsschrupp Member UncommonPosts: 619

    Hmm, 1 hour a day would be hard for any online game. Yes there are some things you can do in GW with an hour, but many things you can't. Many of the quests can take longer than an hour to complete. You CAN just go out and kill stuff for an hour but that'd get boring. You can do PvP I suppose if that's your thing. But again, some of the big battles will last quite a while if you're on a team that's trying to get to the Hall of Heroes. I haven't played GW in a few months, so I don't know what's changed.

    Two other games that you can get some things done in an hour would be City of Heroes or World of Warcraft. But as with any game, the higher your level the longer things take generally.

    I suppose you could check out Anarchy Online too. Their mission system allows a person to just spend a little bit of time in the game if they want to. Plus, the basic AO is free.

    Either way you look at it, only one hour isn't much in a MMORPG. It pretty much means you have to solo mostly since just finding a decent group often takes a big chunk of time. And no matter what MMORPG you play your progress with your character will be incredibly slow since you have so little time to play, you'll not be able to group as much, and you'll not be able to complete more rewarding missions/quests/etc.

    On a lighter note: Grats on the kid! ;)

  • 8hammer88hammer8 Member Posts: 1,812

    Hey Abronz...

    Personally I think Guild Wars was made for people in situations such as yours as opposed to the other mmorpg's out there. I love GW but admit there is not as much PvE depth in it as other online games out there. That does not mean that it is not quality (quite the opposite really), it just means there is less grind and it allows you to feel more of a sense of accomplishment for the smaller amount of time you spend on it. 80% (really an arbitrary number but most can be completed rather quickly) of the quests can be done in less than an hour. There are no 4 hour runs or anything like that. If you do not have time to form a party you can use henchies, despite what some think, and complete all quests.

    The PvP is even more set up for your necessity. While you will not have time for the highest end HoH, the team and competition arenas are perfect. Jump in..jump out , try different builds and experiment. I am mostly a PvEer but when I only have a small amount of time 30-45 mins I will stay in PvP.

    To top it all off though is this........NO MONTHLY FEE!!! Say you go through a stretch where you just can't get to the game, there is no stress to re-coup your monthly fee. It keeps more money for you to settle baby momma drama. Again, I feel this game will be perfect for your schedule....get another game if you plan on grinding, get this one for short stints.

    Enjoy whichever game you pick to the fullest and remember.....it's only a game::::20::

    "It is easier to be cruel than wise. The road to wisdom is long and difficult... so most people just turn out to be assholes" Feng (Christopher Walken)

  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    I can't think of a better "MMO" type choice... Probably some good single player only games... like morrowwind.

  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221
    I would get Guild Wars if i were u. I play only like 30 - hour on weekdays and am pretty far through the game. You can do alot in 1 hour. 
  • emdtemdt Member Posts: 325
    Guild war was meanth to find the most fun in such a small time frame and conmmennt

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  • kleangskleangs Member Posts: 7

    Gw is best for your IMO.   I play Random Arena when have 0.30-1 hours free time almost everyday.

    For PvE part, you may need 1-3 hours for each mission (depend on mission).   But PvP in Random Arena best for 10 min+ free time image.     If you have more time Team Arena, HoH, GvG also good.

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