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whats the diff between swtor and swg?



  • KyngBillsKyngBills Member UncommonPosts: 452
    Originally posted by Koroshiya
    Originally posted by Sandbox
    Originally posted by Koroshiya
    Originally posted by stevebmbsqd

    SWG was a world. SWTOR was a game. As a matter of fact, SWG was the last online "world". Even though I hadn't played it in years, I was sad to see it go. People always wonder why some vets get choked up about pre-NGE SWG. It is because it was more than a game to them.

    Not everyone plays the game to be a hero. Lots of people wanted to be the "moisture farmer" or the weaponsmith. Some wanted to just be a cantina owner and organize social events or a mayor and plot out their own city. Quests weren't required for those people. All of the tools for content were right there. The problem was Sony just didn't realize it. They had their own special niche. There isn't a game that is out or that is about to come out that is even close other than Arche Age.



    But also, I think people who hated on the NGE launch (Me included) should have given it another look after they worked out the systems (a year after)  I hated them and that game for what they did, but honestly after I came back and they had instances in, gear tapes, the token system for role players, the game was/still would be the best thing on the market.


    The worst part is, people who never really gave ita  chance after NGE had been cleaned up and improved missed out on everything I see them whining for in a new game.

    I tried it when the new TC opened, did 8 Master Pilots and crafting. But I could not stand the combat or the Benny Hill movement. After 3 months I could not still stand the combat, and I quit.

    Give me a fresh server, 250 skill points with the original 32+ professions and the old movements/animations with the NGE contents and I will play.

    there is no question to the amount of agreement I have with you on the skills, but the fact remains, NGE before shut down was better then any game on the market today even missing that killer class combo system.

    I think that is especially true for those who did not play the CU...I Guild with a bunch of Kids who came after the NGE...So they had no idea how cool the Skill Trees were before...I think for many losing the 32 Prof's, the Skill Trees, and the Village...well...many of those folks will never be 100% OK with the NGE after experiencing that...I played the NGE a ton...And I did not mind it at all...Especially after the Instances were added...But it was never as good as the CU to me...And I still miss the CU to this day...image

  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495
    Originally posted by bbethel


    1: You had Player housing

    2: You can fly many diffrent types of ships

    3: You can fly anyware

    4: You can have people shoot from your turrets while you fly multi person ships 

    5: You can play as a wookie

    6: Felt more like a star wars world

    7: Wait it had huge planets. That you needed a speeder to get from one city to another and would still take you some time to get there.

    8: Had a ton of 1 and multi person speeders

    9: I could go on


    1: Better graphics only becouse it is newer

    2: Better way of telling a story

    3: Better combat system

    4: Im having a hard time comming up with more

    I did play SWG till sony messed it all up but came back to the game the last 3 years and really liked it. I know I never found everthing in SWG. There was sooo much to do even at launch compaired to SWTOR.

    I did play SWTOR up untill 3 weeks ago. I am sooooooo board I have done everything in the game.

    Does anybody else find that in older mmos you would play for their 1st month and not even be close to LVL Cap and only have seen a very small part of the game ?

    Unlike MMos that are newer. You can get through 80-90% of their game if not get to LVL Cap.

    Hahahahaha (underlined red part) My starters planet Tatooine, spend about 3/4months there before I even gone to another planet, progression came naturaly so the DING effect of gaining a new lvl was often very suprising. The inbalanced nature of the game made the game also feel allot more immersive, obviously also sometimes anoying. And while mission terminals where just credit making machines the depth came from all the different races, professions, combat and none-combat feature's of the game.

    And then so much content as you could do so many things, yet people that need to be guided don't think they understand this about SWG having so much content.

    With today's MMO's almost everyone is a clone of another person, hardly any uniqueness, especially with these 8/12 race/class type MMO's.

    It's actually amazing to have this feeling that a bugriddeld game with so many issue's still gave me the best MMORPG experiance .......well ever......

  • hipiaphipiap Member UncommonPosts: 393
    Originally posted by Reklaw

    It's actually amazing to have this feeling that a bugriddeld game with so many issue's still gave me the best MMORPG experiance .......well ever...... a nutshell...THIS!


    I've tried them all....Beta'd STO and TOR...EQ and EQ2 trials...DDO and LOTOR Trials...WoW trials...every dang Fantasy MMO out there...Vanguard 45 day free time....

    I couldn't stop comparing thedm to SW:G.


    I can't play anything else thanks to Sony and SW:G...and I wanted to Hate SW:G in 2006...and didn't want to play it anymore in 2007...but couldn't stop until LA didn't give me a choice in 2011.


    I miss Hipiap and SW:G.

    MMO History: 2528 days in SW:G

  • stinneystinney Member Posts: 35

    The difference can be summed up as: About a million miles of awesome in favour of SWG.


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