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LF grinder that fits my needs

FireFreakkFireFreakk Member Posts: 12

I was playing Hero Online for years until they released that ingame bot(which is totally retarded), you pay money to bot, legally, which sucks.


Now as a few of you might also have experienced, the first game you played always is the best game and you don't want anything other. Now, as they fucked it up that hard, I'm looking for something similar to Hero Online. It's an asian styled MMO with grinding all over the way. Which is awesome.


Does anyone know a game that is similar to it? PvP is a must-have, something like faction wars, guild wars or something.


EDIT: And open world, I hate dungeons/instances.

EDIT2: One thing that makes Hero so special for me is that you slam 5+ mobs at a time, not single ones. That'd be boring.


  • NeferaNefera Member Posts: 426
    For me the word grind is synonymous with Lineage 2. It also has open world pvp and a non-instanced world. There are instanced dungeons, but as far as I know, the old persistent boss areas are still there? Mostly attacking single mobs, however you can train and kill proper groups of mobs with right classes and buffs. It's also free to play with a relatively mild cash shop. Check it out, you might like it.
  • FireFreakkFireFreakk Member Posts: 12
    I played it for a while, until level 20 or so, but it plays a bit stiff, doesn't feel very smooth, that's what I liked in Hero Online, too.
  • LifeEnderLifeEnder Member UncommonPosts: 45
    Try Tera . Several dungeons and group content on your way to 60 . Takes a good amount of grinding to get there . The RNG system is something to be desired but the combat is quite fluid for melee .
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