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The best gaming laptop for MMORPG Games

paul1701dpaul1701d Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone,

I had a look and didn't see anyother posts like this, so 1st I hope its in the right place, and 2nd I hope i'm not repeating previous posts.

I am thinking of getting into some MMORPG, and I would like to know what gaming laptop is the best one to buy to really appreciate the games in all their glory. The only one I have seen so far is the Alienware™ M18x but i'm not sure what spec I would need and I'm really after someone who can say, this is what you need, go and buy this.

I currently play Star Trek Online, but I would like to expand into other realms as well as I have heard that there are cuirrently some fantastic games out there, and I would like to be able to run them on full graphics as well.

Any help is greatly received.




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