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MUHzzxK0MUHzzxK0 Member Posts: 389

Well... sometimes  my gw client crashes into a blue screen... I didn't happend the first few days I played but now it does all the time.

I'm playing on a laptop with some intel graphic card.. it doesn't get too hot and I just re-installed the drivers.. I don't think its a driver problem because it just started happening more and more offend...

Anyone else had this problem? What did you do about it?



  • knightknifeknightknife Member Posts: 384
    yep i have the exact same problem...i have an intel card and i will get a new nvidia or ati radeon because of doesnt happen to me nearly as much anymore though.
  • ZericonZericon Member Posts: 48

    I Actually Couldnt play Guild Wars on my other Computer because of the Stupid intel graphics chip. :)

    Wii Love To Play

  • yourmom12192yourmom12192 Member Posts: 221

    That happens to me 2. And i have a radion 9000. the highest.

  • zeboathzeboath Member Posts: 396

    I play on my Intel Extreme 82855 with no crashes, and grahics about medium with a fine framerate.

    If I am to help, you must state the completely of the graphics card and the driver you're using.



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