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Guild Wars Desktop Icon Discussion

bv516bv516 Member Posts: 5

Personally I have a problem with the Guild Wars desktop icon's quality.  I don't feel it looks sharp enough; it's rather blurry and has very little detail to it.  Now some people are going to most likely sit back and read this, and say "Who the @#$! cares?".  I have a habit of perfection in particular areas, you might say a little OCD, and I just think that their team should put a little more work into it.

The World of Warcraft icon is quality work though.

Thank you!

FYI:  This topic is not a "World of Warcraft pwns Guild Wars" topic; I love both games image


  • haylenhaylen Member Posts: 106

    if you don't want to make it sound like a flame-post on GW, perhaps speak in a more general way "icons of certain other games are more detailled than the from Guild Wars". Second, it struck me that people actually mind the icons of games. I can't say i find it vital nor an aspect to be rated seperatly, when judging games. But then again, since i'm not here to flame on you, perhaps you could look on fansites for other GW icons, with more detail, although i'm unaware of where to find those.

    I have a tree, a tree that's in my garde, but my garden's too small for the tree, so the tree is in my house, that means i don't have a house .... who am i anyway?

  • volker594volker594 Member Posts: 6

    Hehe, all icons look stupid..and that's normal because they're low rezolution and of course the guys that make the icons don't put much work into them because THEY'RE NOT

  • ElkariElkari Member Posts: 47

      Some may think this is a unimportant topic, but that is the purpose of forums.  To be able to express you opinion about the game and see who else shares your views and who does not.

      Personally I would like to be able to change the helm icon to match the armor that my characters could/are wearing.  The one that is used is clearly for a warrior, but I also have an elemental and a ranger in the works.

  • AseenusAseenus Member UncommonPosts: 1,844

    the icon doesnt really matter but it could be spiced up abit :P

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