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Somewhat interested- But how is this an MMO?

ZhylawZhylaw Member Posts: 115

 I like the concept of an MMORTS, the RTS aspect is defiently there but I am wondering what makes this an MMO?


    Do you create a "character"? Is your hero an actual unit you can bring into battle or does he just command from above?


Do you get "experience" or level up? What kind of customization is there? And I dont mean choosing different units or paint jobs.


I read theres an eternal struggle for terroritoral control. What is the point of this? What do you get for controlling terroritory?


Do units costs money inbetween missions? Can you run out of money or something, is the terroritry fight for money income?


Is there any social hub or town where you actual avatar can hang out, look at trophies, decorate your base, watch lore related newcasts? Something like Eve's new incarna system?



Thanks in advance


  • wayward516wayward516 Staff WriterMember Posts: 3

    From what we know you do create characters, and pick a class that specializes you within the larger framework of your faction. Each faction (of which the game will launch with 2) has 2 classes. I don't think this is going to work like the classes in WoW or anything, from the sound of it you'll be able to specialize each class into a number of different roles based on the choices you make in your tech tree.

    We know that characters will level, but don't know what the max will be. Chances are this might look something like leveling in League of Legends or Rise of Immortals more than leveling in a traditional MMORPG game.

    Customization will come from the tech tree, where you can pick what units/turrets/spells (they call these commander abilities) you can bring into combat. Think Guild Wars, where you have a large pool of abilities but you can only bring a couple into combat with you. That's kind of how the armies work.

    Or, if you're familiar with Warhammer 40K tabletop, it looks a little like that too. You pre-build your armies (called companies) before combat, and work with your team to cover the gaps in your capabilities. Units cost Wealth outside of combat, just like WH40k. If they die you don't have to buy a whole new one, don't worry about crap like that.

    However, within a match you generate what they call Tactical Resources. This lets you do things like drop the turrets you've brought with you and cast your Commander Ability spells. And resummon dead units. But you'll never "run out" of charges for a Commander Ability and have to buy it again like you did in Dreamlords (if you remember that game). Again, think of units and turrets like abilities in GW and Tactical Resources like Mana.

    The game is balanced for F2P since there are no "premium" units - everyone on each class has the same pool of units to draw from. The only thing paying will get you is quicker access to the same content. I think some skins will be pay only though.

    You can bulid multiple companies and switch them out in-match to avoid fail-pick scenarios. Part of the "persistence" aspect of this game will be buliding up multiple companies over time.

    Units can also be equipped with mods. These act kind of like gear in MMO games, but each unit I think can get 2 or 3 different mods and not 10+ like you'd see with gear choices.

    There are heroes but they're more like hero units in Universe at War or WH40K... It's not your "avatar" but more of a powerful unit with unique abilities. They're optional right now, as in you don't have to slot a hero in your company.

    We don't know a lot about the meta-map campaign yet. Winning battles goes towards controlling territories, and I think they're still working on all of what that will mean to a faction at launch.

    Hope that answered some of your questions.

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