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[Column] Guild Wars 2: Picking a Race

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

With Guild Wars 2 almost literally just around the corner, people are planning their first steps in the world. In today's latest column, we take a look at all of the races and why each one might be the one for you. Check it out!

Tick tock, tick tock. You hear that? That’s the clock ticking down the days till the release of ArenaNet’s ambitious MMO Guild Wars 2. Just think, it was years ago that we read about the game’s development, and over the years info slowly poured over us. It feels like yesterday in fact. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Anyway, with the release coming up, some players will have to decide what race they should play. Well, since I have had a chance to play each of the races, I thought I would be able to help. Here are my general impressions on the races of Guild Wars 2.

Read more of David North's Guild Wars 2: Picking a Race.





  • ShaikeShaike Member UncommonPosts: 301


    then norn

    then we will see for me

    Just my 2 cents...


  • KethrymKethrym Member Posts: 85
    Asura don't build "Robots", they're called Golems, or Constructs.   It's more magic than machine. 
  • Sanctus_MorsSanctus_Mors Member Posts: 597
    Asura, just for their attitude.

    your arguement is so persuasive, so filled with knowledge and insight. You back up your argument very articulately, with suggestions of improvements and raising examples to glorify your position....oh wait, you didn't

  • ZrethZreth Member UncommonPosts: 10
    Charr all the way baby, always wanted to  be a Charr, ever since i battled them in the first Guild Wars
  • mazutmazut Member UncommonPosts: 985

    Charr (Epic race, ferocity, powerful, animality) >

    Asura (Attitude, Humour, Selfishness, Evil geeks) >

    Sylvari(Mystery, Different PoV) >

    Human (Usual human GW1, but still interested in them) >

    Norn (Attitude and Lone wolf, self reliance, else pretty boring to me)

  • RocknissRockniss Member Posts: 1,034
    It comes down to profession for me with choosing a class. I'm leaning on engineer to which I would pick asura, but warrior is tempting too, and as a warrior I could be norn, charr, or human. I'm about 90% certain I will be an asura engineer though.
  • arcwestarcwest Member Posts: 61




  • DestructhorDestructhor Member Posts: 88
    Human and Norn, lame I know but I haven't enjoyed fantasy races since the Minotaurs of shadowbane
  • CoolitCoolit Member UncommonPosts: 659
    Already decided on an Asura, just need to decide on a profession now which is a much harder decision.
  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Former Managing EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 4,563
    I'll be going Asura from the get go, and then not too sure what after. I kind of actually like the Humans in GW2, because they're a bit of an underdog.

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  • sammandarsammandar Member Posts: 523
    Originally posted by Sanctus_Mors
    Asura, just for their attitude.

    Same here. Though I think the humans have had it worse.

  • sammandarsammandar Member Posts: 523
    Originally posted by BillMurphy
    I'll be going Asura from the get go, and then not too sure what after. I kind of actually like the Humans in GW2, because they're a bit of an underdog.

    Yup. I'll probably have one of each race, but by far my favorite are Asura, Human and Charr (in that order).

  • RocknissRockniss Member Posts: 1,034
    I originally wanted human but after playing asura, human felt stiff as a board.
  • Punk-RockerPunk-Rocker Member UncommonPosts: 3

    Asura is definitely going to by my main, would make 5 asura right at launch but i want to see all the 5 races stories so ill wait till later to make extra ones for fun :P 

    My 5 choices i have planned for launch are:

    Asura Thief, Charr Warrior, Sylvari Ranger, Norn Engineer, Human Necromancer

    Ive also thought it would be fun to make class/race combos that seem awkward or silly such as:

    Asura Warrior (Little dude in heavy armor + 2hand sword = win)

    Charr Necromancer (Dont really imagine charr running around casting spells :P)

    Sylvari Engineer (Nature loving race running around with machinery/bombs)

    Norn Ranger (Big bulky frames trying to be an agile hunter XD )

    Human Thief (Humans look decent with everything, so they get stuck with thief for me)



  • mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,434

    Nice read - but as a person who *unfortunately* only got to play about 2 hours total of beta weekends (unfortunately I work weekends) I would really like to see maybe some videos of the starting areas. Also - are there any racial traits or is it pure asthetics? I played a small part of Asura which i didn't really care for the starting area much, and a small amount of Charr which was a little better for my tastes. Any information would be great.



  • MechanicusMechanicus Member Posts: 77

    Pre ordered GW2 with very little background info, so I'll be deciding when I fire up the game for the first time...

    ...Then probably changing my mind a dozen times, making loads of new characters before settling on my first choice once again.

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  • TekaelonTekaelon Member UncommonPosts: 604
    Norn guardian
    Human mesmer
    Char engineer.

    Those should keep me busy for about a year. :)
  • wildtalentwildtalent Member UncommonPosts: 380
    I'm also a weekend worker so I missed a lot of the chances to play as well.  But during the time I did, the norn won me over.   They remind me of cimmerians from the conan stories.  Do we know yet if they will be able to shapeshift or not?

  • AridArid Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I want to make a Charr, I love industrial races and they're militeristic lifestyle seems like something I might enjoy.
  • orbitxoorbitxo Member RarePosts: 1,936

    all of em!!!!

    i was actually surprised withmyself though...when asura and sylvari came into play in beta-

    i favored Asura!

    but charr won my heart!

    great job in all of them and their Stories!

  • st3v3b0st3v3b0 Member UncommonPosts: 155
    Thought the title of the column was a bit misleading.  Was expecting insight on actually choosing a race for a particular Profession.
  • nobloodnoblood Member UncommonPosts: 13

    I will start with Char engineer, Norm Guardian, Human mesmer, Azura necro, Sylvari thief but didnt decide which one is the "main". Guess i will play all of them at least 10 to make a choice.


  • ViktormonViktormon Member UncommonPosts: 22

    AAAAAH! I've played through the betas and stress tests, and I still haven't made up my mind about race/prof combinations! >_<

    I got the furthest with my Sylvari Thief. I love the sylvari, just as fresh to Tyria as I am, beautiful starting area, cool designs and so much mystery. And thief is so much fun to play! Swooshing around the battle, bleeding, poisoning.

    But I got started on a Norn Warrior and that was just brilliant, norn are just sooo cool, and I feel right at home in the snowy peaks, hehe :D Warriors are easy to get into, and very fun heavy hitters.

    Though I didn't get very far, I'm interested in the human race, too. Though the race itself is very similar to ordinary humans, the story seem to go to exciting places....

    But Charr are such awesome badasses >.< Like the feline fantasy verson of Krogan from Mass Effect.

    And Asura are hilarious... that's it xD

  • oubersoubers Member UncommonPosts: 855

    norn baby :)


  • NameWasTakenNameWasTaken Member Posts: 132
    The Asuran females are surprisingly cute. They are like little plush toys, with their big doey eyes. You just want to pick them up and give them a big hug. :)
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