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Unlocking the game with SC.

OrphesOrphes Member UncommonPosts: 3,039

I play a gnome necromancer.

I play randomly, last time I put time into the game was around christmas. Since then I logged inly a few times.

When I subscribe Itry to get that time in use.


If I unlock the race gnome and class necromancer, how much will differ for me put against subscription?



It was confusing as I read this, I added it below. and that I still could log in wiht my gnome. So that made me quirous what buying gnome and necromancer from the SC shop would do.  I already have a silver pass.

Still I can log in with my gnome and necromancer.


The four free races included with FREE and Silver Memberships are: Human, Erudite, Barbarian and Half-Elf. The Freeblood race is only available via the Marketplace.

The eight free classes included with FREE and Silver Memberships are: Swashbuckler, Brigand, Wizard, Warlock, Guardian, Berserker, Templar and Inquisitor. The Beastlord class is only available with the purchase of the Age of Discovery expansion.

I'm so broke. I can't even pay attention.
"You have the right not to be killed"


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