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Multiple attempts at EVE, still not found a good corp - any suggestions?

VonatarVonatar Member UncommonPosts: 723

For me, EVE is like that girlfriend you had in your youth - fun, exciting, can't get enough - and then things fizzle out, you don't quite know why and you part company. Then years later you get back together and for a while the same magic is there, but again it fizzles out. Yet you keep remembering the good times, wondering if it would be different the next time around, whether you could make it work with just 1 more try.

It frustrates me hugely that a game that entrances me, that I think about often, just never seems to keep me hooked. I have played EVE on and off since 2008, tried my hand at industry, mining, joined a couple of 0.0 alliances, but never seemed to settle in. I think one of the reasons why is because I never found a corp which felt like home, with people who were fun to be with. If I look back at games in which I spent most time (EQ, SWG and WoW) it was because of the people, not the game. my mind is again aflame with thoughts of EVE and hopes of finally settling and falling in love with it, can any recommend a good bunch of guys who I could join up with? I have 2 characters (around 22m sp one and 14m sp on the other) and am not fussy about what I do, I just want to enjoy the damn game!


  • NoriSarelNoriSarel Member Posts: 14

    You know... I feel the same way. I've played on and off since 2006. When I'm not subbed I think about the game a lot and want to play. But then I sub and I can't ever seem to find a great group of people to play with. I'm in a corp right now and I'm not really liking it. So same here..  ;)

  • DarthMajinDarthMajin Member Posts: 92

    EVE is definately about the people you hang around with. I have a group of friends in my corp that have hung around with each other for a very long time. We have even played other MMOs together and regularily try other games together as well. If you would like to see if my corp is for you, look for Mega Buu in game on EVE or any director from Interstellar Empire. Hit me up in game for more details.


  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 11,004

    Finding the right Corp in Eve probably is one of the most difficult things in the game.. and given that the game is focused so much on social interraction etc.. its kind of a necessity..  the trouble is you need to identify exactly what it is you are joining a Corp to do.. if its just mining.. then the game is full of Indy Corps that will be willing to help you out (and quite a few that will try to exploit you too!!)  But even Industrial Corps will have a 'varied' list of activities, the important part, is wanting to join in.. a Corp isnt just a chat room, its about taking part... which is why finding the right Corp is so important.. and why it can take a while before you find the right one... have to admit though.. the recruitment channel.. sometimes it's like sharks circling.. and theres blood in the water...  or maybe its like that most of the time.. either way.. their always searching for fresh meat image

  • eranoreranor Member Posts: 13

    Myself and a few friends just recently came back to EVE as well and plan on sticking with it for good this time.

    If you would be interested in relaxing with a couple people and not really having any worries please reply with your in-game name and I'll contact you with more details. We just may work out for you, we may not... but we can just see :P

  • CalfisCalfis Member UncommonPosts: 381

    EVE like life has its ups and downs.


  • KomandorKomandor Member Posts: 272
    Originally posted by Calfis

    EVE like life has its ups and downs.

    Yep, it's almost like SECOND LIFE!

    Keep on rockin'!image

  • Arathir86Arathir86 Member UncommonPosts: 442

    I havn't played EVE for a while now, but when I did I was a lot like you and had trouble both learning and finding people in EVE to play with.

    Then I heard about a great Corp called EVE University, which helps new players learn the ropes with regular classes held every day, ranging from Mining to Combat and beyond.

    The Flight Class was one of the more enjoyable classes as the teachers took the time to teach people how to maneuver effeciently as well as fleet warfare SOP.

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  • LouieTuesdayLouieTuesday Member Posts: 22

    I tried Eve still recovering from Warp Lag

    The truth about Guild Wars 2

  • OldBikerOldBiker Member Posts: 75

    Eve is very much a social game and it has many parallels to real life.  If you want to find a group in Eve you must first look inward.  Ask yourself these questions.

    1) What time of day will I usually play Eve?

    2) How often and for how long am I able to play Eve?

    3) What activities to I enjoy doing in Eve?

    Once you know yourself then you are better equiped to find people who have similar interests and play styles.  Unless you are trying to get into one of the major power blocks you will find recruiters are desperate for members.  Most will tell you what you want to hear to get you in.  Take a week or so to make up your mind.  Talk to several organizations and ask a lot of questions.


  • VegasMedicVegasMedic Member Posts: 6
    To anyone here looking for a corp that feels like home. Im with a group and have been for ver a year and a half weve all flown together for a longntime. Were very very close knit all have families and lives etc. were in null sec and are part of an alliance that does regular pvp roams and coalition froams and with hundreds of pilots. Were all veteran players. We do manufacturing, run anomolies, hell webeven jump back to high sec to run incursions now and then. Were looking to expaw d our operations in null sec, and need more pilots to do so. We run t of wild creek region. More then willing to help anyone move down and get settled if your interested. Sorry for typos on pad at work lol. But hey hey me up here or in evemail characters name is XIANG ZIYAO would Love to hear from any of you guys take it easy!!
  • davexenodavexeno Member Posts: 11
    Originally posted by NoriSarel

    You know... I feel the same way. I've played on and off since 2006. When I'm not subbed I think about the game a lot and want to play. But then I sub and I can't ever seem to find a great group of people to play with. I'm in a corp right now and I'm not really liking it. So same here..  ;)

    This, Exactly this. I've been playing on and off since 2006 also.. I've since settled in with a High Sec Indy corp (Yes, yes, carebear, blah blah) but they are reasonable people but still not my ideal corp. My employment history looks absolutely dreadful because the amount of corps I've joined and found their recruitment jargon to be utter BS and that 50man, EU, active PVP corp, to be no more than 2-3 people with 3-4alts on every other nights spinning ships in station...

  • spider883spider883 Member Posts: 10
    I have been playing since 06' and have been in several corps over the years but have yet to find one I can stick to. I have been looking for a null sec sov holding industry corp that does alliance level logistics and that I can do roams when time permits.
  • BigCountryBigCountry Member Posts: 478

    I can get you into Goons for a small fee.

    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • spider883spider883 Member Posts: 10
    Oh look. A scammer.
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