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Admit it



  • jmcdermottukjmcdermottuk Member RarePosts: 1,567

    Ah, but do you have your list of excuses ready in case you get into the game and they catch you?


    Anet Dev: Oi you! What are you doing?!

    You: Erm ..... :)

  • EzhaeEzhae Member UncommonPosts: 732
    Originally posted by JoeyMMO
    Originally posted by MadKing

    I used to do it when we had the old laucher with the awesome login screen and music, but not anymore. :(

     Yeah, could just leave that one open and listen to music. The new launcher isn't quite as spectacular. Of course, when it launches the last thing I'll be worried about is the lack of music in the launcher.

    Psst. You can add -useoldlauncher in the shortcut and get the old style loginscreen with music if you miss it badly. 

  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 5,822

    I've seen mmo's give un-anounced Bata's. Often closer to release.

    Me ?.......I only played BW3......It would be hard, but I may hold off until release or strickly try crafting only.

  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,325
    Originally posted by MumboJumbo
    Good to hear there are actually mmorpgs that people are still excited about. GW2 has saved 2012?!

    Yep, now we just need other MMO developers to stop, play GW2 and go "OH, that's how it should be done".  Not to copy exactly, although I'm sure that will probably happen, but for inspiration.  Especially companies like Bioware and Cryptic and SOE, so they can see it's not always about making the money, as that will happen if you make an incredible game.

  • warmaster670warmaster670 Member Posts: 1,384
    Originally posted by elockeso they can see it's not always about making the money, as that will happen if you make an incredible game.


    Just like Psyconauts...oh wait, making an incredible game doesnt mean making money off it.

    Apparently stating the truth in my sig is "trolling"
    Sig typo fixed thanks to an observant stragen001.

  • ChuvarHramaChuvarHrama Member UncommonPosts: 88

    Guilty as charged.


  • nadrian3knadrian3k Member UncommonPosts: 101

    Hahaha :D funny :))


    I admit just opening the launcher 1/week to check for updates, because i don't want to wait 50h when the game goes live...but no..i don't hit the play button :D The outcome would make me sad :"<

  • dllddlld Member UncommonPosts: 599

    I occasionaly start the launcher to see if there's any patches and I pressed play once since last BWE to see if they changed the error message you get which they haven't (maybe a sign there will be a stresstest)

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