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Sooo what to do after level 30?

To be honest i thought the game ended pretty much after level thirty...i was wrong..dead wrong..  i go into places that are level thirty and i get my arse handed to me by same level players and computers just with better equipment i guess...what i am asking basically is what do i do after level thirty. All of the games aspects (even though i have easily pumped over a days worth of playtime into) are still hard to understand like the creation of items. can someone help me out and mentor me i guess??



  • shankhappyshankhappy Member Posts: 3

    btw pc game 

  • VadenVaden Member UncommonPosts: 145

    Dont kno if this helps but yes, ur level stops at 30 but your training doesnt. The more Alerts and task you do, the stronger you get... mostly threw award points, gifts, etc... I kno I've seen a player with level 60 something armor and weapon with some massive upgrade attached to them. At that point you really dont go by ur player level, u go by your Battle Rank. Its a PvE and PvP Battle Rank. I noticed it when I 1st started playing.

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  • shankhappyshankhappy Member Posts: 3

    alright sweet thanks hey if you ever wanna play just hit me up i kinda need help still lol and nice avatar.

  • PGHammer21PGHammer21 Member CommonPosts: 18

    Your training/leveling really *begins* at level 30, to be honest.  Since I've bounced off the level 30 ceiling, I haven't stopped adding skills/capabilities - far from it.  At some point, you WILL run out of skills to add in your primary skill tree.  (My primary character is an ice-power-based brawler/tank, and I've completely firewalled the brawler skill tree.)  So, if I'm still gaining skill points (and you are - completing feats adds feat points, and you get another skill point with every one hundred feat points you gain), what do I spend them on?  Easy enough - shoring up the weaknesses.  (There's a classic weakness that ALL tanks have - and that is to opponents that can nail you from a distance; my particular pain in the rear are Wing Armors - found in South Gotham and the Batcave alerts and raids in T2.  It gets no easier in T3 - the Fortress of Solitude series of alerts found in this tier have Sunstone Sentries which, like their Wing Armor cousins, also have to be range-dropped.  So now I'm adding DPS capability to my brawler.)  You don't have to change your armor or your loadouts, either - your newly-acquired DPS capability is a secondary skill-tree - not your primary.  And there are some innates in both skill trees that overlap (the Innates are in the Skills trees *and* the Powers trees) - one rather useful one (and surprisingly so, especially for tanks) is 'Wisdom of Solomon".  (This Innate Iconic Power increases your chances of landing Critical Hits; therefore, it meshes well with the Super Strength Innate Iconic Power - a must-have for tanks.  If you haven't added Super Strength to your level 30 tank, re-spec your Powers and do so ASAP.)  Now that I have both Innates enabled and fully upgraded, it takes far less time to dismantle anything from Sunstone Dominators and Bounders to even Sub-Avatars themselves - and that was without the DPS surpise in my bag of tricks.

    And my combat rating is only level 51 - barely halfway.

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