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Will You Subscribe Thread



  • Deadman87Deadman87 Member Posts: 253

    I will resubscribe in september.

    It is preferable not to travel with a dead man.

  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko Member EpicPosts: 6,916

    I have a Lifetime sub, but I would have subbed anyways.

    I'm only about 3/4 through SC at this point, so most of the game is still ahead of me. Playing very casually and enjoying every minute.

  • mWo4lifemWo4life Member Posts: 119

    Nope. I said good by to TSW few days ago and haven't played since and I cannceled my accout. The game feels for me like a single-player game, and i have no intention to pay sub-fees for single-player games. Except for dungoeans there is no reason to group. 

  • pierthpierth Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    Voted no- I had no intention of picking this up at release but had good friends willing to and that made all the difference. Even with an extremely casual play-style I'm almost finished with all of the zones and have a couple of specs I particularly enjoy.

    I haven't been as engrossed in a MMO for years, but I really don't like that they are charging box + sub + CS (with no way I've seen to earn CS credit in-game), my friends have slowly stopped logging in, and I want to see how much content really is added monthly. If it's an acceptable amount to me for the sub or the other conditions I mentioned change I may subscribe but otherwise I'll have enjoyed my time in the Secret World and call it quits.

  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335
    Originally posted by Vannor

    I can't justify paying a sub with GW2 so close. It's that simple. When I'm a bit bored with GW2 and feel I need something different I 'might' resub for a month or two to check out all the new content added (if it seems worth it). But with GW and Neverwinter on the way I don't think I will be pulled back to a sub based MMO anytime soon.

    ^This.  Get out of my mind, Vannor ;P Hehe, j/k.

    Seriously though, with GW2 about to hit and like you said Neverwinter as well as Rift's expansion and Lotro's expansion, it's going to be a very long while before I want to foray back into TSW to see what's been added. 

  • SuperDonkSuperDonk Member UncommonPosts: 759
    Originally posted by SlickShoes

    I paid £35 for my copy of the game and clocked up around 60 hours in it, it was/is pretty fun but I am not really willing to pay a sub any more. I do hope the game does well as I enjoyed playing the game and it's a bit different from the norm.

     I'm in the same boat, except I spent $50 USD. I'm not upset with buying because I'm used to MMO's being nothing more than glorified single player games now. 50-60 hours is not that bad for a single player game.

  • AdiarisAdiaris Member CommonPosts: 381
    Originally posted by XPraetorianX

    Im not only becuase im going to focus on GW2 for a bit and let TSW devs do their magic. Ill check back around Xmas. Its a good game but no GW2. Also im trying to get some more HoM points out of GW1 before GW2 goes live. I have been slacking lol. Is it bad I pay my son to grind point for me on my GW1 toon ? I mean I dont get a summer break like him lol.


    Lol. Believe me, I wish I had a son to grind HoM for me!
  • EvelknievelEvelknievel Member UncommonPosts: 2,964


    There is no other MMORPG on the market that has the same atmosphere unless you like Requiem.

  • aSynchroaSynchro Member UncommonPosts: 194
    I play it for about a month but won't sub. The game as too much not-that-fun combat for a puzzle game and not enought economy/crafting/social/living-world for a mmorpg.

    On my radar:
    _ GW2 as my main
    _ WoW because of the time investment and my guild (i see WoW more like a chat room with a twist than a true game) though if GW2 really deliver, i may finaly be able to let WoW down.

    _ maybe also Salem (not sure yet), but most probably ArcheAge for my sandbox need.

    _ And ultimatly yeah, World of Darkness for all the spooky roleplay i wasn't able to find in TSW :]
  • JutlandukJutlanduk Member Posts: 14

    I will keep up my subscription of it, since I am enjoying myself and also having to work out solutions for problems I find refreshing.

  • GajariGajari Member Posts: 984

    I got bored playing off and on for a couple weeks. The game is good, but it doesn't have enough to hook me unfortunately. 

  • CaldrinCaldrin Member UncommonPosts: 4,505

    Have not had a huge amount of time to play but the game is amazing and yes I will be subbing to this, nothing coming out this year MMORPG wise is gonna even get close to this.. Not sure why people keep going on about bugs in this game, sure ive not played that much just getting into blue monutain now but i have maybe had 3 bugged missions that i got done by teaming up with someone on a different server and thats the noly bugs i have come accross.. For me this has been the least bug ridden MMORPG at launch for a very long time.

  • LachyFTWLachyFTW Member UncommonPosts: 181

    It was fun, but like I have been saying all along it's not worth the sub fee. GW2 is just around the corner, till then I need to get things ready in WoW for MOP. With WOW for PVE and GW2 for PVP I won't have to look anywhere else.

  • gwei1984gwei1984 Member UncommonPosts: 413

    Yeah, i will stay and decide on a month to month basis, if there are enough things left to do.

    Will play GW2 for the PvP, but the PvE in GW2 is just bad and repetitive zerging in my opinion. So there may be GW2 for PvP and TSW for the outstanding PvE.


  • I haven't played much recently but I made it to about 25% of first transylvania zone with QL9 gear in about two weeks then ran around other 2 transylvania zones to get a look around. 

    The only reason I would continue to play really is too mess around with builds and frankly the combat system isn't interesting/fun enough to do that for an extneded period of time.


    Its a fine PvE game (PvP looks pretty bad).  But doesn't really grab me for the long term, starts to get a get a bit tiresome, a bit predictable may be more than a bit.

  • LostcogLostcog Member Posts: 21

    I am still enjoying it. When I tire of it I will stop playing like I have done with every other game I have ever played. Some people worry too much about something that is supposed to be fun.

  • COORSCOORS Member UncommonPosts: 353

    Already stopped playing. Not a bad game, but just doesn't hold my interest like I believed it would. Might possibly give it another try in the future.

  • unknown769unknown769 Member Posts: 45

    not paying sub anymore ,never see the reason to pay for somthing or pay to play or to have fun it seems  odd and feeling they are stealing from me. ty god gw2 will change that

  • pharmenzapharmenza Member Posts: 19

    I'm subbing. I love this game

  • BigCountryBigCountry Member Posts: 478

    Not had a lot of time to play, so I wil be subbing I guess. Still a lot of content I need to go thru


    BigCountry | Head Hunters |

  • erictlewiserictlewis Member UncommonPosts: 3,021

    First off I am going to stick around the first month.

    Second your pole was lifetimer, you just needed to ask are you going to sub or not. I already subbed,  I am having some fun with it, despite it being funcom.  I find it better than conan, it makes you think.

    This game will not be for those who cant think or will not think and that is ok, I like the complexity to it.


  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,946

    Yes I did subscribe. I'll play it for a bit as I like the lore and setting.

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  • Ash23NeuroAsh23Neuro Member Posts: 13

    I spend a lot of time for playing but I dont rush. I waited 5 yeares for this game and now I enjoy its full spectrum. I really don't think like doing whole content in one month is good idea. I've got time, subed for life.

  • CoolrockskiCoolrockski Member Posts: 51

    Yes, a lifetime subscription.  The setting is so unique, I'm hook.  I'm tire dof palying wizards and elves..the modern era/conspiracy theory world holds my interest.

  • WickedjellyWickedjelly Member Posts: 4,990

    I had to work an unusual amount of hours at work at rather odd times. Normally I only play mmos during the week and sometimes even then it is sparse because I honestly would rather go out and do things than stay home and play a game. Anyways, due to all the crazy hours I had to work I didn't really have time that coincided with my friends to go out and live it up. So I played an exorbitant (least for me) amount of time with this game. So in essence I've pretty much already done everything there is to do in the game. So I won't be subbing.

    I did really enjoy the game and after a few updates will be coming back to it.

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