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Engineer Shield skill #4.

Cito2009Cito2009 Member Posts: 20

Anyone know if this was a confirmed bug or was it a nerf to the skill to take the AoE knockback out? Wonder if they disabled it for the weekend just to have people try the other skills, namely rifle.


  • MagnnarotMagnnarot Member Posts: 50

    It was a bug, tho the conspiracy theory about disabling it for people to try the rifle seems plausible (not really since you could still go pistol offhand).

  • dracopiedracopie Member Posts: 51

    It was a confirmed bug on the official forums. it applied to a few other chain skills (ex. guardian staff 2).

    Also, that is the saddest consipiracy theory I've seen in a while.

  • Cito2009Cito2009 Member Posts: 20

    Lol, well maybe they just wanted ppl to play the other stuff for the weekend.. not that much of a conspiracy theory.. dang!

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