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End of Nations alpha

paladin016paladin016 Member Posts: 27

End of Nations by trion is by far amazing! The graphics are pretty intense, and it reminds me of SC2 cuz of it's RTS features. It looks like a copy of SC2 and feels like it, but it as amazing. The 4 classes total for each side is not really even/fair but it's only the alpha test.           I used the armory and u can upgrade every aspect of your entire army/commanders.       For any RTS fans, this is the game. I subbed 1 month for rift and got instant alpha access.



  • Carl132pCarl132p Member UncommonPosts: 538

    I'm currently subbed to rift, where would i find out if I have access?

  • helthroshelthros Member UncommonPosts: 1,449

    I had gotten an alpha invite several months ago but I can't for the life of me remember what my security answers are. I should prob call Trion tomorrow.

  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    I spent half my weekend on the beta, I havent enjoyed an RTS this much since my carefree days of C&C on my Playstation XD

    My hat goes off to Trion for the great work on end of nations thus far XD

  • Loverboy85Loverboy85 Member UncommonPosts: 65

    I wouldnt call this an RTS, its closer to a MOBA. 

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  • VarossVaross Moderator UncommonPosts: 9,670

    Moved to the correct forum.

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  • MaGicBushMaGicBush Member UncommonPosts: 686
    Originally posted by Vaross

    Moved to the correct forum.

    Why did you move this and not delete it? It's a breach of the NDA regardless if it's positive feedback...


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