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Combat Discussion

Please keep it constructive.

Alright.  So the entire cu happened and combat significantly changed right?

So I respec'd to 4-4-4-4 rifleman/MBH and some medic which was all the points I could use on my toon.  I purchase a LLC or whatever its new name is and head out of dantooine mining outpost to grind for master rifleman and get a hang of combat at a higher level.

Alright so the mission is Bol's and some pikets.  Descent group of 8 with a healer a ch a few tanks a couple rifleman.  I am the highest at level 75.  So we start with our first lair.  What gives with the near invincibility of rifleman/BH in combat? I drew aggro so many times it was absurd.  Apparently you deal alot of damage and you draw the aggro. Talk about totally unbalanced and nonsensical roles.  I could easily function in either role of a tank or a long range damage dealer with the rest of the group just took some pot shots.  So what?

I was wearing no armor.  I was leveling at lightspeed.  1 run out of dantooine doing about 8 missions and I get 75% of the way to master riflemen?

Simplicity.  Once in a while you sneak in a kd attack or a snare but for the most part you are content with auto firing your headshot 3 special.  I never used a chain of attacks or seemed inclined to rely on any tactics.  I am not sure but not having to buff at all seems to make it even worse.  I didn't eat food.  I didn't wear armor.  I didn't worry about distance, stance or position.  I mean seriously where is the thought in the fight? Can someone please explain how this is a better system? It seems to me that it is significantly lamer. 

Finally what the hell is with the basic weapons pricing? Every gun which to me appears to be an average weapon commonly available is 20k? Not that I cannot afford 20k but for real? That is almost 2 times the pricing pre-cu on the same server.  Also why did so much stuff convert so poorly? RIS armor for instance.

It just seems to me to be a bit lacking of substance. Just first impression.  maybe as I group more and see more combat it will become more diverse.


  • suupaabakasuupaabaka Member Posts: 17

    I think the biggest problem here is that all you're hunting are bols and pikets. People grind those for a reason; they're easy to kill, and they don't hurt that much.

    If you want to see how good at combat you are, go try some other mob types. Krayts/kimogila, or maybe even a Nightsister or two. I don't know, I haven't seen all the mobs in the game yet (and i've been playing 4 months).

    Also, the devs are upgrading AI specials. This means that Nightsisters will now use force powers again, and an npc with, say, bounty hunter skills will likely use those effectively too.

  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508

    Pre-CU as a master rifleman I never wore armor, only used entertainer buffs and mind foods. And never died once. Always used cover and conceal shot or just used my looted T21 with ADK and HS3. That would drop almost anything in one shot. Even a fully mind buffed player with the best armor I could drop in 2 shots with that gun.

    Post CU as a master rifleman I still dont need armor and no buffs. Just HS3 and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. No tactics. KITE KITE KITE. That is the extent. But again I have that looted T21 still. I thought they would take those legendary weapons away with the CU but I still got mine. I think it was 3.1 speed and around 2200-3600 damage. Plus the PUs and ADK so it never decays kicks it up big time.

    So I really cant see a difference in pre or post. Mainly because of that rifle and my others I paid big bucks for like the Tusken.

    The only real arguement I have with the CU is the lies told. And the failure of it all. The CU was supposed to stop or limit certain things. Template stacking and FOTM were the two main ones. But I still see it all over. Of course I also knew they would never be able to stop that anyway. Players are number crunchers just like developers.

    The other problem is the lie. They said the CU would bring back the lost players and make SWG what it was supposed to be. Then when they saw it wasnt going to do that they changed the story to just leveling things back to what it was just before the CU. And they called it a success.


  • WeppsWepps Member Posts: 1,322

    Originally posted by haxxjoo
    Please keep it constructive. What gives with the near invincibility of rifleman/BH in combat? I drew aggro so many times it was absurd.  Apparently you deal alot of damage and you draw the aggro. Talk about totally unbalanced and nonsens

    According to the redesign documentation, and I know this is in the new prima's guide because I saw it at the Best Buy and was LMAO at it when i read it...

    The Bounty Hunter is a Tank.

    LOL I thought they were full of it, but I had to see this for myself, and since the TE was available I figured...why not.

    The thing that surprised me most is that...the BH IS A TANK! It's amazing really hehe. But it is not unbalanced in any way. I have many different characters, all with different templates, and they are no more or no less powerful than BH in the basics. Commando is, but I'm sure they are on the chopping block during the reworks.

    You want to see some REAL tankage? Go make a TKM :) The nice thing about BH though is you get the offensive output whereas the TKM does not, they aren't designed for that.



    "For one who seeks what he cannot obtain suffers torture; one who has what is not desirable is cheated; and one who does not seek what is worth seeking is diseased." - Augustine of Hippo

  • grapevinegrapevine Member UncommonPosts: 1,927

    One of the problems with SWG is mainly due to the flexability of the skill system.  It permits tank/mages.  The group side of the game (hunting wise) is also somewhat unbalanced depending on what you are fighting (i.e. none group aggro mobs).  It can be way to easy and way to rewarding.

    As for your tanking, its probably down to you being able to heal.   Its the new "god mode" button, bascially.   Try some of the content or hunt something that will actually aggro its friends on you when attacked and even with healing you'll notice your tanking capabilies not being that great.

  • kaibigan34kaibigan34 Member Posts: 1,508

    That is the other thing about the CU I didnt like. It basically just made sure SWG will just another mmo definately now. The roles in parties like Tank, DPS, Healer, etc. I hated that in those others. Not only are game companies going to tell us when to group and when not to group, now they are dictating what should be in our groups.

    Look at CoH. That is real bad about that. Some of those mishes if you dont have a certain group set up your gonna die. 1 Tank, 2 healers, 2 blasters, but I have 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 1 blaster so I gonna die everytime.

    But SOE saw how successful WoW and others are doing so they want to make this game more in line with theirs since they just arent getting the players they should. But it has nothing to do with jedi. Remember that everyone. Over 50k players left the game since release and a large chunk do to jedi but the jedi are the only thing keeping the game alive. /sarcam


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