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The daytime raiding guild Eternal Dawn (Nagrand/EU) vs Cataclysm

ChassieChassie Member Posts: 23

Eternal Dawn is a daytime raiding guild on Nagrand(PvE/EU) server, who has been in the raiding business for 2½ years now - balancing progression along with having fun

Throughout wotlk we got to experience all of the end game content, while building a group of skilled core members, concentrating on progress, but also having fun.

We raid mon,tue and thurs (also friday after expansion) 13.30-16.30

7/8 HM DS

Atm, we're looking for:

1 kitty
1 rogue
1 enh shaman

What we expect from you:

- You need to know your class well, act mature and responsible and be willing to put in the hours and effort being a part of a raiding guild requires.
- Be able to raid 3 days a week (= being online from raid start to end)
- Above 20 years of age.
- Understand (and speak/write) english well. All our raid communication is via Mumble
- Be good geared - we don't have time to gear up lesser geared ppl atm

What we can give you:

- 10 man raiding with loads of fun and progress in a friendly environment, where we do our best and work hard to reach common goals.
- Opportunity to experience most of the Cataclysm content in a structured environment.
- Loads of activity outside raidhours (i.e. pvp, hcs, alt lvling etc)
- Max guildlvl - free feasts, repairs and cauldrons.

Take a look at our website ( - apply on our forums or contact Teev, Tengzter or Chassie in game, if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading and have fun!



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