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I'm really hyped up for this game

mWo4lifemWo4life Member Posts: 119

Few days ago I bought beta access fo 10$.

I have to say that this games looks good. I was surprised how many ppl is palying this game in beta. I tough I might be alone or one of a few ppl there, but there are always some ppl in the first town and chat is always. This game really seems as it coold provide better and free alterantive to D3. I haven't played D3 myself, as I heard many negative opitions about it.


Anyone also is expecting this game?





  • NailzzzNailzzz Member UncommonPosts: 515

         I have also been enjoying the beta quite a bit. I do think they have a really solid product and as someone who was a huge fan of D2 (the reason i bought my first computer), i would recommend this game to anyone looking for something along the same lines. It is basically Diablo with Final Fantasy's materia skill system which actually works really well. I also love how much stat/build customization you have to build for whatever kind of playstyle you prefer. It almost guarentees that your charachter will likely have a somewhat unique build (assuming you dont try to copy someone else's of course).

         The developer team supporting it are just a handful of new zeland guys who seem to have some good plans for the games future. The even spend time in the game with the players actually getting feedback and answering questions from the players. It's very obvious this is a labour of love for them. I look foward to supporting them more financially when i can afford to again (sadly i only was able to invest $15 so far, and i do feel they deserve so much more given the enjoyment i have rec'd from thier product.).

  • fascismfascism Member UncommonPosts: 414

    its okay. It held my interest for about as long as D3 did, tossed them a few bucks to show support. If you like Action RPGs its worth a look, especially because its free whe its released. :)

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