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ready for november?!?!?!?



  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310

    We will know after release!! All Jorev's statements are his theories! Never take them seriously.

    But Jorev isn't taking my warning last time, you have a good chance of ruining your reputation!!...If this Revenue system does work out, which is a strong possibility, since I may now know more about the game then you do! Then people after release are going to think you are a person with a lot of bull to say and an idiot for saying it! If  you stop with the theories now, maybe people will forget about you! So don't tell us how you think the revenue system won't work, even I have some doubts, but I am not gonna make statements about it! Read what it takes to do well in this game and you will understand the revenue system will work out. Jorev you still are leaving details out, and it means your full of bull. So save your reputation now, or else be known as a fool.

  • darquenbladedarquenblade Member Posts: 1,015

    Originally posted by Mikey0114

    We will know after release!! All Jorev's statements are his theories! Never take them seriously.

    Well, not to take sides or anything, but until RV goes live, Red Bedlam's revenue model is simply just a theory as well. Neither side knows how successful the system will be until the game launches.
  • TrakenTraken Member Posts: 172

    Here's a fact: RB may or may not royally f*** us. If they don't, then we have a great game to play. If they do, we stop playing and start an international boycott of all the Devs.

    Will the model work? Well, it will work for the people who want it to work. I guarentee you that even if RV goes in the crapper there will be at least 500 people who are still playing it. Most people said P2P was the most horrible thing. And there's about 5 million (?) current MMO subscribers that pay a monthly fee. People said that GW's model wouldn't work and, while it is too early to be sure, it seems to be doing all right.

    Fear of change brings out the best and the worst of people.

    (Btw, I would probably be one of the 500. ::::28::)

    Note: I'm not condeming RB....yet. I feel that I have, as Jorev has (I assume), been extremely let down by certain games and have condemed other game companies for being asses. (Currently it is Konami since they put NO effort into the MGS ports to PC...waste of money)

  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310

    Originally posted by darquenblade

    Originally posted by Mikey0114

    We will know after release!! All Jorev's statements are his theories! Never take them seriously.

    Well, not to take sides or anything, but until RV goes live, Red Bedlam's revenue model is simply just a theory as well. Neither side knows how successful the system will be until the game launches.

    You are repeating what I said, in different words. I never said that the renenue model will work and that Jorev is making this all up. I specifically said we won't know till it comes out.....there is both a possibility it will work or it won't work. Odds are the revenue system will backfire either to the players who don't donate, either not enough people donate (creating a lack of funding to keep the game going) or else the most probable odd till now ---- everything works out great. Unless RBL are hiding something about the revenue model,  we should be very satisfied.....aslong as the donations people give don't give them an unfair advantage.

    I will probably be a donater, cause I am expecting this game to be my top game, and I want the developers to keep it as my top game so I will donate for them to keep this game fun and my top game. Thats my main reason, the other reason is that crafting in this game is incredibly hard without money. You can't make a simple spear without doing several different things including lumber jack, miner, blacksmithing, and maybe even  Weapon Smith & carpentry. Just to make a spear. I'd rather go to crafter who makes weapons....if I want to craft it myself I would have to be a weapon smith, I'd buy the pole for the spear from the carpenter, and the pointy tip to attach to the pole, I would get from Blacksmith. Then I would attach them together to make the spear because I am the weapon smith. Now the simplest way to get a spear is just to buy it from a merchant.

     And this is why you need a lot of money in this game, and there are sooooo many ways to get it. Aslong as the revenue system can't be taken advantage of, it should work out great. The money we get each month would probably just be a bit of a reliever for those having a bad business moment.

    This is why I am against Jorev's theories.....he makes them sound as if they are true and certain. He never includes the facts though about what this game really requires of you. I am also a person like Jorev who isn't sure about the revenue model, but thats because I haven't seen it work. Jorev just states its going to be totally taken advantage of, but he never gives pure facts why. He speaks like a politician in truth lol. And I am still warning him, that his statements are going to ruin his reputation if this revenue model does work out!

  • FunkydupeFunkydupe Member Posts: 5

    I had hopes for crafting. I know there will be many components needed, but isnt that where guild/group play come into the picture ? People could specialize and work on different parts of an item, to make the production of them - for example to outfit an army, a more organized thing...


  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310
    I don't believe you require a guild for things such as that. If people don't want to be in a guild, they still have their contacts/friends! I mean in other MMORPGs I made great friends and we were never in the same guild, but we used to do guild like stuff all together doing eachother favours now and then and sometimes even doing quests and the such together. But a guild definitley encourages better communication, that I cannot agree with more!
  • andermananderman Member Posts: 70

    Guys - at least the guy apologised for his mistake, that takes some courage - give him a break!


  • Mikey0114Mikey0114 Member Posts: 310

    Sorry Anderman, but we have gone off topic now in this thread.....we already dropped that subject ages ago and I don't remember anyone grudging him after he apologised and was honest.

    Please be careful in other cases, the situation might be worse and not reading all the posts in a topic might get you flamed....its not the case here, but people who don't read all the posts in a topic don't know whats going on and so they may get themselves in a bit of flaming trouble.

  • EngelEngel Member Posts: 3

    Reguardless of the original, now edited post, the fact that I have seen now adds in the shop or online is a good pointer that it may take a little longer. These things often do. :)

    Their website says that there will be several method for ordering the game, but I'm sure that adds in the shops will be a good indication of RV's iminate release.

    I would rather have a game that works than the first release of a new Windows OS. :)

  • QpiiQpii Member UncommonPosts: 8
    image cool game
  • kingsatchmokingsatchmo Member Posts: 127

    Originally posted by Jorev
    Scrap the current revenue system and switch to a subscription based revenue system, and I would certainly try out RV.
    I like historical settings. The fantasy rerun model is tired.
    No matter how good other game aspects of RV may be though, I can't get past the faulty revenue system.
    One of the reasons I enjoy playing MMOG's is the ability to compete on a fair and level playing field where rewards are based on in-game performance. RV's current revenue model defeats that possibility and escalates an imbalance of elitism, far worse than secondary sales in other MMOG's.
    I also need the tenet of virtual world boundaries to be intact. RV shatters those boundaries by fostering a game where in-game currency is introduced to the virtual world, which is not earned and derived within the virtual world.

    He has a point, but I don't agree with him.


  • kingsatchmokingsatchmo Member Posts: 127

    Originally posted by Kanoth
    Originally posted by Mobius1234 speaking of that gamma server kanoth....??Check the sticky post, you may be pleasently surprised. image

    I don't see this pleasant surprise.... what is it?


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