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Remember, Ultimate Online was a hit for a reason...



  • warmaster670warmaster670 Member Posts: 1,384

    Ya, because it was the only real game in town

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  • palulalulapalulalula Member UncommonPosts: 651

    What is that ??? Ultimate Fighting ow what? I know only Ultima Online

  • terrantterrant Member Posts: 1,683
    Originally posted by Disastorm
    Originally posted by terrant
    Originally posted by nariusseldon
    Originally posted by GTwander
    Originally posted by laokoko

    It's just my opinion.  But I think the main reason UO was so big is it's the best mmorpg "at that time". 

    If UO is as good as you say it is at todays standard, you should still be playing it (and maybe you are still playing it).

    1) Considering that 250k subs was an incredible success at the time, UO was still a sleeper hit that flew under many radars. I wouldn't call it immensely popular, since most people are just taking our word for it. It's just a 'granddady game'.

    2) EA ruined it, like they do anything they get their hands on. No reason to play it today, even if for nostalgia's sake.

    250 subs wasn't that impressive once EQ was out. UO was plagued with all sort of problems from ganging, boring mining click click click, to housing ghetto.

    The only reason it has 250k subs is that there wasn't many choices.

    EQ's top population was ~500k from what I've heard, although I don't think Sony ever gave us straight numbers. And they're both pocket change compared to WoW.


    However, UO's 250k subs WAS a huge deal when it was released, because the only competition at the time had a fraction of that. Each game paved the way for others.


    As to the OP. Remember, Ultima Online died for a reason...and it wasn't just graphics.

    How do you know it wasn't just graphics? I know alot of people that would play a new UO if it was exactly the same as the old uo but had like crysis graphics or something.

    Not that I like defending WoW or games like it but...Many of the things that made UO beloved to the people that do (massive focus on crafting, open world full loot pvp, general sandboxyness) are missing from nearly MMO made since,and nearly MMO made since has pulled way higher sub numbers than UO ever did.


    I'm not saying there aren't people who want that sort of game- of course there are. But you're the minority now.

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